Thursday, 3 December 2009

The internet is back on at last!

Apologies to all who follow this blog, the internet has been down since my last entry and only sorted out today, its been incredibly frustrating but we are now back on track.Well where do I start to catch up on news? The best news is that our supporter Peter was successful obtaining the roofing panels from his firm and we now have a solid brand new roof on the cattery.I am just amazed and thankful that someone came to our rescue and am completely overwhelmed by this extremely generous gesture. Peter took it upon himself to do the work aided by Jason and John(our handyman).The work took 2 days in difficult weather conditions but they worked very hard and now we are ready to move all the evacuated cats back into their respective pens. It really has been wonderful to know that this winter the cats will be much warmer as the new roof has thick insulation. I could not be more pleased than if I had received a lottery win- well in all truthfulness THAT would have excited me just a little bit more but nonetheless a new cattery roof at no cost is very acceptable right now.
It has been a very busy time, Pets At Home held a funday for us, we have yet to be told the sum raised, we have another collection outside Tescos in Holyhead on saturday - anybody in that area willing to help for an hour or so?Please ring the shelter on 01286 880808.Then tomorrow is the Christmas Fair at the Royal Sportsman Hotel in Porthmadog High Street, 10am - 2pm.Please support us if you are local.
Theres lots more to chat about but right now I have to get things ready for the Fair so my next blog will be on saturday and I will write about Legend the pup thrown into the water filled local Quarry which was featured on the front page of the Daily Post this week(he is fine) and all the other pets which have been brought in this past few weeks.
See you all Saturday.