Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Wettest Day Yet.

What a day! Like so many places in the Uk we are having torrential rain and gale force winds. Icould not manage to stay upright this morning when I walked the dogs. I usually walk up to the top fields but I had to turn back when I was almost blown off my feet.Why is it so hard to get really waterproof trousers? We have all bought both cheap and expensive waterproofs to try and keep dry outside but nothing ever seems to do the trick.Theres nothing worse than working in soaking wet clothing,Wellingtons also do not last long when worn daily in this hilly environment.I sometimes see good quality waterproof boots and then realise they are leather which I will not wear for ethical reasons. Theres a fortune to be made for the clever person who produces clothing meant to be worn outdoors in all weathers which actually lives up to its waterproof claims.
John and Barbara have been busy this morning digging a trench at the back of the new stables.This morning the rain which had poured down from the hills had formed a stream and had flowed into the stables, we had to evacuate the old ponies and move them temporarily until a deeper trench was made for drainage. All the ditches here are overflowing, I cannot remember it ever being this bad in the seven years I have lived here.At least the pigs fields seems alright, there are no major flows of rain through that one and they have had a huge bed of straw to keep them warm in their house.It really is non stop work at the moment to keep the animals warm and dry with the problems we are having.
We discovered today that Gel collie is jealous of attention to the other dogs so I have had to ring the lady interested in him and tell her that this dog is unsuitable for her.I am still trying to find people to do the homechecks for Sally and Cassie.Usually I have no problems with finding homecheckers out of the area but for some reason I have had no luck this time.
Any has managed to get into the office again and has appropriated a box for her bed today.It was only put there for a few seconds and was to be thrown out in the rubbish but it looks as though it will be staying a little longer,well at least until Amy decides to vacate it. Most of the free roaming cats are comfortably esconced in the conservatory or in Kitty Kottage. No way are they setting foot outside in this rain and who can blame them.
Heres hoping tomorrow will be better.

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Thomas said...

So I can't sleep, so I decided to surf some blogs, and ran across yours, you are a remarkable person and a true saver for all our animal friends of the world, too bad there are not more of you in this world. Thanks :)