Tuesday, 3 November 2009

22 year old Maggie Martha pulls through her operation

(fat)Maggie Martha(pictured here at the front with thin Maggie Martha and 15 year old Suzy at the back)) has returned from the vets today having had a dental operation yesterday, I was so worried she would not make it through the anaesthetic but she has and is back home snuggling up to the other dogs on the sofa.What a relief and how amazing that at her great age she has pulled through this trauma. I can scarcely believe it myself.It was obviously not her time to leave us and I am overjoyed that I have more time with her.
We had 5 cats admitted last week, their owner was moving and was unable to take them- her daughter who at present has no home of her own and is living with her boyfriends parents has asked for them to be returned to her. I explained that I would have to come and see where the cats would be living and needed to speak to her future mother in law.Last night she broke into the cattery and stole the five cats. We know it was her as she left behind the other cats sharing their pen.I am livid, this girl has no stability to offer these cats, they are not hers, they belonged to her mother and 2 of the cats are Freshfields cats so she has no claim to them. I will be visiting the address she gave me but I now wonder if she was lying about that, what makes people think they can do what they want and what sensible caring person would want to take on five adult cats without a home to give them. Thank goodness the other cats did not escape.
Local people have just lost a young pony from grass sickness. I know little about this never having experienced it first hand so I decided to download information from the internet.I didnt know that worming should ideally take place when there is stable weather as sudden change in weather conditions can alter the goodness in the grass and any sudden change can cause grass sickness. I knew stress could cause it but this is new to me and I am glad to I know about it for the future welfare of the horses. Even after years of working with animals there are always new things to learn and it is good to be open to new ideas. The learning process never ends.
There have been so many calls regarding dogs needing homes but my foster homes are full so I am unable to help them at the moment.It is so frustrating as many of these dogs would be snapped up if I was able to accommodate them. This time of the year is always busiest, its the time people start to think of getting rid of any unwanted pets they have.
As I finish this I can see the horses starting to gather round the gates of their fields, they are ready to come in for their evening feed and the shelter of a warm stable.It seems that winter has arrived, all the animals seem to be hungrier in this weather (I am too!) The people from Liverpool who brought up the catfood last week have rung to offer more help with horse feed this time but if they read this, I have written down the wrong telephone number so cannot get back in touch.Please ring again - We desperately need help with this.Another kind person has offered to buy some hay ,I am overwhelmed at the kindness of these and others who are helping us through this very difficult time.


Jan said...

I just love your Maggie Marthas and well done coming through the dental ok. A few years ago my 16 year old had a very rough time so I know how you feel. If I didn't have an (ex) Asbo Lurcher I'd be tempted to kidnap those cuties...well done for all you do. We are all working hard to bring money in and if we stay optimistic (not to mention awake) we'll get there.

Janice Gillett said...

Prayers for you Les in all that you do and for all that you love.