Sunday, 1 November 2009

Buster and Rocky return to the fold.

I have been away to Liverpool, mainly to attend the trustee meeting which is held monthly but I decided to stay with a friend for a couple of days.Its funny that when I am here,I long for some time to myself and when I stay away I cannot understand how people live such uneventful lives.I then find myself longing for something meaningful to do! What a contrary creature I am,no wonder all my relationships fail!
Well I am back now and so are Buster and Rocky who arrived back today from their loan homes. We always hope they will stay out for good but circumstances change for people and at least we keep a track of them and disappointing though it is when they are returned, its good to know that the loan agreement exists to ensure their future safety. I had almost forgotten just how tall Buster stands(17.2 hands) and handsome man Rocky is as gentle as ever.
There is a new collie called Barney in with Mollys gang, he is a middle aged shortcoated collie , another chained and neglected dog though at least this one is friendly and not cowed.His only problem appears to be that he is not to be trusted with cats,that characteristic is always a problem to us so he needs to be kept on a lead at all times. Molly and co seem to accept him well into their kitchen( well its more theirs than mine as I am no Nigella Lawson).My biggest worry today is that one of the Maggie Marthas appears to be off colour and has failed to eat.As she is normally so greedy this tells me immediately something is wrong.If she is no better tomorrow I will take her to the vet. I have had them a year now and I knew when I took them on that their great age (21 and 22 years) would mean that they would have a limited time here. The strange thing is that this one is the one I call Fat Maggie Martha who has always looked bonnier and healthier than her companion(Thin Maggie Martha)Anyhow it may just be that she is having an off day.I hop eso, Ilove these little dogs dearly.
Several kittens have gone to homes this weekend and there is a prospective home for the two rabbits which is good news. A home is still needed for the Gangster ferret which needs someone with a lot of experience and who does not want a cuddly animal.Cuddly he is most definitely NOT. Any takers?
The appeal for funds has raised enough to keep us limping along for a bit longer - a few people have asked me if the situation is really that serious, well yes it is but as mentioned before I am ever optimistic and people have been very kind helping us with catfood and horse feed and hay.This crisis could not have come at a worst time, the winter months mean a great drain on resources, the horses need supplementary feeding at this time of year when there is little grass left.My main worry is paying off the vet bill So am trying to pay off little by little, this is the first time in 7 years the bill has mounted up to thousands, in the past it has been paid as and when we made appointments. I hope that with the continued help coming in from members of the public we will see out this time of crisis.
Anyhow to finish on a lighter note- well actually I cant think of anything but I am feeling positive and the animals are all being fed and sheltered, they are safe and well so not everything is bad news.

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