Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A real Welsh Sheepdog

The kitten in the ofice is now named Layla and she is not only almost well again but is gaining confidence daily,in fact I let her out for exercise and she really makes the most of it getting up to all sorts of mischief.Its good to see her looking so much better than when she arrived. Amy(pictured peering in at the little one in her pen) would like to live in the office, she waits patiently outside the door waiting for the chance to sneak in with someone and then makes herself comfortable on the top of the filing tray.Cats seem to love the filing trays, they always make a beeline for them and although we all make an effort not to allow them in, invariably at least one enterprising feline will make it past an unsuspecting visitor. Amy is the most friendly of cats and was rehomed once but returned because she was diagnosed with liver problems and other issues resulting in the need for lots of nursing and special care. With this in mind we decided to let her live out her life at the shelter but she has not had one days illness since the day she was returned and is looking healthier and bonnier than ever!
A farmer has contacted us to get rid of two collies,an 8 years old and a 2 years old. The female is in season although they assured me she definitely was not!This meant they couldnot be fostered together without problems.Fortunately there is a lady already interested in the older of the two and she is hoping to view him Monday.
The younger one Lassie, is,I am reliably informed, a native Welsh sheepdog which to the uninitiated could look like a crossbreed. They look different to the more identifiable border collie type sheepdog and apparently also work in a different manner.Instead of crouching and rounding up the flock, they work from the back of the flock and their carriage is more upright with their tails held high.These pedigree sheepodogs are also used to work with cattle and are highly prized by both farmers and people involved with agility. (Thanks to my bookeeper Veronica for this information - Veronica is involved with agility dogs and has 3 dogs herself including a Welsh sheepdog very similar to Lassie) Photo of Lassie above.
Unbelievably Suzy the 15 years old Yorkie is now in the vets having a dental, she too has pulled through and now that leaves only Thin Maggie Martha to undergo the same.As she has no problems right now I think I will leave it a little while, she eats well and has no other visble problems with her teeth at the moment. All these little dogs have only been with me a year and have clearly not had dental treatment during the last part of their lives.It seems to be the same with the horses, when they come to us their mouths need extensive treatment, its almost as if owners do not realise that animals need dental care as well as human beings.
Little Layla has been awol all day and we have been making extensive searches for her,hence the office is looking like a bomb has hit it! Veronica has just found her curled up asleep in her pen drawer and looking as though butter would not melt hin her mouth Oh well its a good reason to start a good tidy up but I am a great believer in "always put off today what you can do tomorrow! So tomorrrow there will be a blitz on the office.
I am off now to collect Suzy from the vet.

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