Monday, 9 November 2009

Gel goes to Spain.

Im not managing the blog as often as I would like at the moment.There have been some problems with our charity shop in LLandudno - ie. its not making any money.I have been there with my sister, who is a trustee of the charity and we have had to look at various issues which may or may not be preventing the shop making a profit.We spent the day in the shop and Sandras friend Shirley did a really good job making the window display Christmassy and festive. It is clear that the recession seems to be affecting the donation of good quality saleable items. I have never seen the shop with as little on display.One of the most popular items at this time of year are warm jumpers,fleeces etc but so little is being donated to the shop that we still have summer clothes on the rails.
Anyway enough of that.On to more interesting things to do with animals.Hadley the grey lurcher has a home, not sure if I mentioned the fact that a man travelled down here from Berkshire and when he arrived he looked at poor Hadley and said" there is no connection between us" This was within the first 2 minutes!Amazing and very very silly but if he thought he was not the dog fo him,he was definitely not right for Hadley either.This time he is going to a couple who liked him straight away and who have an elderly lurcher female.As luck would have it, Hadley had gone to the vet to be neutered(though I doubt he felt very lucky at the time!) and this couple were there and spotted him(no doubt looking very sorry for himself)Well his soulful look did the trick and they are collecting him on Wednesday.
Needles the black and white staffordshire bull terrier is back with Rosie, having failed to get on with the new familys other dog. She is such a delightI feel sure she will not be there very long.This time it will be as an only dog even though she plays happily with Rosies other dogs.Speaking of Rosie and Needles - the Freshfields staff are always ready for an animal rescue attempt even when on a day off from the shelter.This weekend Rosie was walking the dogs on Dinas Dinclle beach and came across a stranded octopus struggling to breathe.By her own admission although fascinated to see one alive(though barely)for the first time , she felt unable to touch it . After tying one dog to a rock and the other 4 to that one, she took off her woolly hat and scooped up the poor creature and returned him/her to the sea.Another successful rescue achieved. I hope she doesnt put in for extra time!
I have a little feline friend in the office with me, a little black feralc kiten about 9 weeks old was admitted suffering with cat flu.She has been isolated here and is doing well now though a little timid still.What she does seem to like is when I pick her up, she then climbs on to my shoulder and settles down in the warmth of the hood of my jumper. Ahhh.
Connie one of the elderly shetlands had another fit the another night, this time it lasted longer than the others and we were very worried about her.As often happens when the vet arrived she was coming out of it and after an injection was given to relax the muscles, she recovered well. He asked if anything had happened to cause her stress and the only thing that it could have been is that unusually and inadvertently she had been separated from her best friend Titch and put in a different field for the day but Dafydd the vet says thatin itself could have brought on the fit as any form of anxiety /trauma/stress can do to both animals and humans. I have had a word with the staff who will make sure this does not happen again.It was an honest mistake but one we cannot afford to make again with these elderly animals.
Finally I have just had an email from the people who gave our lovely Gel a home, he now has his pet passport(pictured above waiting for his taxi to the airport) and leaves today for Spain where he and his family will be remaining until May. Both Mei and I offered to accompany them to care for Gel but for some reason they failed to take either of us up on the offer.I dont know - some people do not know a good offer when they hear one!

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