Thursday, 10 December 2009

Krystal and friends.

This photo was taken yesterday when Krystal and her little shetland friends came in for the evening.Krystal has pretty gruesome looking melanomas under her tail and currently she is on treatment to try to halt the growth.At the moment she is in no distress but the horse staff have to clean her up every day, it is so important no infection gets in there and she may have limited time left to enjoy a decent quality of life. She is such a gentle old lady and everyone who comes into contact with her is impressed by her kind manner.
Just when things seem to be going well, disaster occurs, We had to call out the vet last night - Marcasite has a badly swollen hock. This is one of the four ponies which were admitted when their owner had to move from her smallholding into a small bungalow, they are all in their twenties and Marcasite, a pretty palomino mare was found to be limping and clearly in pain when she was brought into her stable yesterday.The vet has given her a pain killing injection and something to take the swelling down, she seems better today but the vet will be coming out again to have another look. At this stage we do not know if there will be tendon damage, we have to wait until the swelling goes down more.Fingers crossed there is no more permanent injury.
There has been an offer of a home for dear Jenny the lovely dark tortoishell cat who follows people about when they come to visit. We knew one day she would sell herself!There is also a possible home for Amy - another people follower.I would love them to have homes of their very own so I am very hopeful.
A farmer has brought in a litter of 3 kittens he found, we have just about managed to squeeze them in but we have very little room now for any more cats and kittens.I doubt if we will home many now until the New Year, it is so close to Christmas and of course one always doubts the homes which turn up at last minute before the holiday in case the pets are wanted as presents.
Legend and his new owner came to visit yesterday, he has settled in well but he is very lively and seems to like pottering about on the kitchen units!!!!The local papers are doing a follow up photo of him in his new home and with his rescuer Ramona. I look forward to seeing it,Ramona told me today that she has now found out from local people that he had been heard barking for 4 DAYS! That poor dog stranded on the ledge that length of time, no wonder he was so scared and traumatised.Why did nobody do anything during that time, surely someone must have been in possession of some compassion? Thank goodness for Ramona is all I can say.
Indie, one of the little dogs admitted yesterday has had an emergency dental operation today and is recovering in a foster home along with her brother Gerry.
Finally, before I shuffle back to my pensioners bungalow, I would like to say that I am (very) slowly recovering from the trauma of the Free Mince Pie incident but will keep away from Morrisons for the foreseeable future just in case a repeat performance sends me toppling over the edge!!

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