Saturday, 19 December 2009

The vet comes out to Ken.

I have been in LIverpool for the funeral of a dear friend and also a trustee meeting so I am just catching upon events that have happened whilst I was away. Fortunately there have been no disasters - I always believe that when I am away something will go seriously wrong, when I ring Mei to see if all is well and she says yes, I keep saying"ARE YOU SURE?" I am always sure she is keeping something from me but she isnt and is highly amused that I cant bear to hear all is well. Of course I would hate to hear bad news but I like to think that I am needed and that things go better when I am around.Oh well that theory has now well flown out the window!
4 cats went out to homes yesterday but we are not rehoming any animals from today until after the New Year. We will, however take reservations.I am amazed that we are still having people coming here for kittens as christmas presents for children, will the message NEVER get through? Late yesterday a young man turned up wanting a kitten and even when I explained this is far from an ideal time to bring a new pet into the house,especially with the ages of his children,he just looked at me blankly as though he had no idea what I was talking about!
A cat has been admitted whose owner was in a fatal car accident recently.Personally I love Christmas and all the glitz and Naff songs and I love shopping for presents but it can also be the worst time of year for those who have had bereavements and my heart goes out to those people,including my own friend Diane and her family.
I was surprised when I returned from Liverpool, to find snow on the ground, there was none in Liverpool.Today is snowing again so if it sticks I will be out taking photographs tomorrow. The wild birds are so hungry and like other bird lovers I am spending a fortune on seed and insect food for them.As soon as it goes on the tables a flock of starlings swoop down and are ravenous so I have to do a second top up about fifteen minutes later.
I have checked my emails this morning, there are emails from both new owners of Scott and Sally the two young collies.Both dogs are settling in well and arenot causing too much disruption in their respective households. To say I am relieved is an understatement,It worries me that people will not cope with the young dogs, they are so hyper and as I mentioned before quite destructive,I have lost a few of my much loved books to them not to mention boots, slippers, pens and a throw!
Marcasite is back to normal again, her leg injury is barely noticeable now and she is walking without pain.Today, however, Barbara noticed Ken is limping! On close inspection he has what looks like a bite on his back leg and we have called the vet out to give him an antibiotic injection. It looks like a dog bite but none of the dogs here could have done it so unless a stray dog has come on to the property (unlikely) its a mystery.Anyhow the vet will have a better idea when he arrives. Ken has been kicking up a fuss about being kept in - he has kicked over his water bucket and thrown his feed bucket across the stable so we have had to bring Big Buster in to keep him company in the adjoining stable.He is pictured with barbara coming in from the fields,Rhian is in the background.Buster could not care less about being in or out as long as he has a supply of food available, he is a very greedy horse and is always the first at the gate in the afternoon-impatiently waiting for his evening meal.
Dorothy who fosters kittens for us has just arrived , she saw that we had two rabbits here and has offered them a home with her bunny.These two are both neutered so with a bit of luck they will all get on together and it will be nice for hers to have some company too. Now we need someone to take pity on Mr Grumpy the ferret.Any offers? Surely there is someone out there who likes bad tempered ferrets?
A visitor to the cattery today has chosen Sunny a black cat which was admitted 7 months ago so he is well due for a good home and he will be going to live with another Freshfields cat .It will be a happy Christmas for Sunny.
Well, its time to top up the hay and straw in the pigs house, another winter of worry about them keeping warm. There is a US based website which sells made to measure coats for potbellied pigs but with the weather we have here they would not stay dry forlong. Hay and straw it will have to be.

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