Saturday, 12 December 2009

Paul Gallicos "Jenny" and an old blind cat finds a home

Its beautiful here today.The sun is shining,the sky is blue and the birds are singing away everywhere as though it is a spring day. The animals are making the most of it and enjoying being out which is great because one of our long term cats has found herself a home by making a fuss of visitors.She prowls around the yard always living in hope of some extra attention from any cat lovers who arrive.Today she hit the jackpot! Well done Jenny. The strangest thing is that I named her after a feline character in a favourite book I read in the sixties by Paul Gallico who also wrote a book called Thomasina (about another cat)and the Snow Goose. These books left a big imprint on my memory and over the years I have often asked people if they had read Jenny and Thomasina but nobody had ever heard of them. Well when I told these people why I named her Jenny, they were amazed because they too had read the book and loved it and had only been talking about it just before they made the trip to Freshfields.How uncanny is that? Unfortunately I no longer have my copies of the books and I know "Jenny" is out of print now. "Thomasina" must have been one of the first books written about the often sad lives of animals when they fall into the wrong hands and I would love to read them both again.Does anybody have a copy of either? I may look on the internet later.
A lovely couple came who wanted to give a caring home for the last years of an older cat and they have taken 2 cats - Tudor (pictured here)who was very old and going blind and Bonnie who was only 5 years but had been here for a year. It is so cheering to have people who want cats for the sole reason of giving a home to something which really needs it, maybe not the prettiest animals but the most in need.People after my own heart.
Sally collie has left us today for her home in the South of England.As with all of them I will be anxiously awaiting news that she is OK and settling in. After all these years I still do not like watching them go to new homes.Even though I am thrilled they have found nice people to live with, the anxiety never goes away.
Marcasite is doing well, the swelling has gone down and she is able to put weight on her leg , what a relief that is to everybody. She is not out the woods yet, she still needs the vet to have another look at her but she is so much better already.

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