Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The sheeps shelter collapses in the high winds.

The police turned up with the "puppy" which turned out to be a young adult(maybe 18 months)terrier.He is quite obviously a working dog, he has bites all over him, he is very thin and he also has a skin disorder which could be mange.Although I would not trust him around cats, he is a loving affectionate little dog who loves to climb on a knee for a cuddle and he thinks its great here(always an indication that the previous home was lacking in creature comforts!)We have called him Bertie.
Nell is still very scared,it will take some time before she
loses her fear of this new life off a chain, chained dogs receive no socialisation and this must be a very frightening experience for her. Her nature is lovely and eventually she will be a loyal pet for someone, a home with other dogs may help her adapt to home life. I have borrowed a camcorder so she can be seen on our website which now can display short videos - I just need a few days (or few months)to work out how to use it! Once she is homed I can take the other two young dogs from this farm, we really could do with a few more fosterers for such dogs,they need people with time and patience to help them adjust to home life and although it would be hard work, it would make it easier for them to find permanent homes.
In spite of the horrendous weather conditions we have homed 2 cats today.I am amazed anyone ventured out and it is getting worse. There are gale force winds and heavy sleet coming down, thank goodness our cattery roof is now solid and secure, I am worried the office roof felt is going to blow off, it has already ripped in places and been temporarily repaired. I have asked the girls to top up the pigs bedding with more straw and hay, we are in for a cold night tonight. The old shed which is used by the five sheep has blown down so we have had to move them into the adjoining field where there is a more solid shelter, I can only hope this one withstands the high winds. Sam, the oldest of the sheep is losing weight and I am calling the vet out to him this week though I fear it is simply a symptom of his age. He is becoming very frail , poor old chap.He really looks his age especially compared to Joseph and Jacob the young Jacob sheep who are fit and virile looking.(well as virile as they CAN look with no testicles!)

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