Thursday, 24 December 2009

They made it in but one got stuck!

I dont know how they did it but all staff turned in today, including two regular volunteers. This was in spite of the icy conditions underfooot though they had no idea how bad it was going to be when they reached the shelter.The yard and the track leading up to it are like an ice rink and Rhian was over optimistic thinking her van would make it.Unfortunately it skidded half way up and ended up stuck on the side of the road. See photos.Half the morning was spent trying to extricate the van form its precarious position, Mei went on the quad bike to get some grit from up the road (thank goodness we have this vehicle , it is invaluable)and we covered the worst ice on the yard.Working outdoors has its pleasures but it is very hard going for the staff working in these conditions and they remain cheerful most of the time. Which brings me to the kindness of people who have donated gifts including a very welcome food hamper for the staff to enjoy. We are so glad of gifts of petfood but it is nice when appreciation is shown to the staff as well.
Unbelievably someone turned up to collect a reserved kitten but she had quite a trek having left her car on the road.We made an exception to rehome this one but generally at this time of year we only allow animals to be reserved and collected after New Year. Nothing is black and white though and we have always made exceptions depending on the circumstances of the prospective adoptees.
Poor Molly was unable to go out this morning,dogs are having to be walked on leads because of the ice and the danger to both staff falling and dogs slipping and damaging their cruciate ligaments is of great concern. The big dogs are more likely to pull us over, especially Molly who has never been the best trained dog in the world.My fault of course but she is eight years old now and its a little late to teach an old dog new tricks!Hopefully later today, the ice will melt and she and her companions Ben and Meg can have a good run in the fields.
A labrador was meant to come in today, his owner has died and he is in a house on his own but it has been postponed until Saturday, also one of the collies mentioned yesterday is coming in.We have foster homes for both.
There will be no blog until Boxing day or the day after, depending on where I am at the time and as that depends on the weather I cant say for sure.I hope everybody has a good Christmas and eats lots of mince pies and chocolates so I can console myself that I am not the only one over indulging! Merry Christmas and fingers crossed that we dont hear of too many pets abandoned.

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