Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Shamrock is Behaving badly.

Thunder the Husky pictured above (making friends with Buddy collie)is a popular girl,already we are having enquiries about her and I am organising a home visit in the Bolton area . The people already have a husky so are familiar with the breed which is always a good indication they know what they are taking on..If she goes then Rosie is to foster another urgent case.I have had a call about a collie cross spaniel who it seems is is reacting badly to the atmosphere of aggression in the home and who can blame him. At least the owner is doing something positive about it and has his best interest at heart by attempting to find him a better home. Like children who are victims of violence there will be associated problems to deal with but he is just two years old and deserves a chance so we will do our best. Tomorrow I am going to see some people interested in timid Nell the pretty red and white collie and as they live in LLandudno I will be popping in to see how our Llandudno shop is doing . I feel it is time Nell was in a home,we have done all we can and she is improved but a one to one situation will hopefully now really bring her on. If I am a little paranoid about letting her go from here it is because some years ago we had a similar traumatised dog here and unfortunately her new owners lost her. She was NEVER found in spite of constant searches made by both them and staff from the shelter. I was completely devastated ,never really got over it and wished I had kept her myself as she trusted me completely.Now I am so scared of the same thing happening that I am perhaps over zealous in finding the right owners for such dogs. We are having a few problems with one of our young ponies Shamrock. he is pictured here on the right, with his companions Celt and Merlin.He is very very naughty and last night he kicked Mei in his eagerness to get to his food ( Rhian and Mei say that he must have been taking lessons from me, how rude is that?) Today he jumped out of his field and was happily trotting out of the property when we received information from a member of the public that there was a loose pony. Thankfully Mei managed to race after him and return him to his companions but we are going to have to try and put a stop to this behaviour for his own sake. A badly behaved pony is no joke and nobody will want to take him on in the future. The equilibrium between one of the equine groups appears to have been upset for some unknown reason so there has had to be a change around in stabling. William , the old grey has suddenly started to be bullied by some of the "Anglesey" ponies with whom he shares evening stabling. We have had to stable him next to Krystal (the grey mare with melanomas) and the three old shetlands. This arangement appears to be working well. Sometimes if there is a mare in season nearby, altercations can occur within a group of geldings but there really does not seem to be any reason why William has suddenly become the victim of bullying, this group has been together for quite some time and there have been no previous problems. Has anyone seen this happen before? Incidentally the treatment Krystal has been on has certainly prevented the growth of her tumour and she seems a lot more comfortable now. A lovely black lopeared rabbit has just been admitted,. The reason - a new human baby has arrived in the home and Flopsy Rabbit is now surplus to requirements.. How many times have I heard this! If I was given a £1 for every time I would be a rich woman! Now I am off to have my lunch so I had better warn the staff to keep out of my way if they dont want to be jostled aside or kicked!! Dont believe a word they say, I am really not that bad. I have just been reminded that members of Anglesey dog training are holding a fund raising event "Dancing with dogs" for Freshfields and it takes place this Sunday .Mei and I hope to be there too and we are looking forward to seeing dogs NOT behaving badly. There are refreshments and an invitation to join in with an experienced dog.Sounds great fun. If anyone is interested please contact Maggie 01407 810496.


Tali said...

Well, I'll be honest I'd hate to get between you and your lunch!!!

K9friend said...

I hope things can improve soon with the horses/ponies. Being kicked is not fun for the recipient!