Thursday, 4 February 2010

A Last Request


Well it was another sad start to the day for us today. Old Sion (as we had called him) was dead in the pen this morning. No doubt this lovely old man had been a much loved pet at one time, but when his owner died he found himself homeless. So sad that not one member of the family had had the time, space or compassion to give him the last few weeks of his life in the comforts of their home. Sleep well old man.
On a brighter note, we've found Trixie. She has indeed been re-homed by another charity, in what they assure me is an excellent home. It seems I have to take their word for that, but I have shown my disapproval at the way the situation was handled. All that was necessary from our point of view was one phone call to inform us of their intentions and let us know that the cat was safe and well. I think that this has been an eye-opener for us and in the interest of the animals more charities should learn to work together. From our point of view, as I said, one phone call could have saved a lot of time and worry.
No one has come forward to claim Sidney the Staffie, I must say I'm not surprised just a little disappointed. He's such a beautiful dog, so full of fun and energy. Yes I guess I'm smitten...again!
Lesley will be arriving back in the country tomorrow. I must admit I'm looking forward to seeing her. I guess the reason it works so well at Freshfields is that we are a pretty good team and have all developed strong friendships over the years.
Anyway, I said that whilst the cat was away ....... So I have one quick confession before I finish, all the titles of the blogs I have written have a connection. Something that associates them strongly with me. Any ideas?
So for the last time, for now anyway, I'm singing out... Rhian

Some of the "oldies" in the conservatory


K9friend said...

Sorry to hear about Sion. At least you were able to give him the love and care he needed until he joined his owner at the Rainbow Bridge.

Penny Brown said...

RIP Sion. Such a handsome, sad-looking old chap.

Not sure what connections the titles have to you, but they seem to have quite a lot to do with George Michael! Your 'singing out' looked like a typo until I realised - or maybe it was a Freudian slip :0)

Tali said...
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Tali said...

"Singing out" Not intentional but can we pretend that it was? Anyway, yes Penny my other passion in life is George Michael and I decided to use song titles as blog titles here too. I've enjoyed doing Lesley's blog but am more than happy to be passing it back over to her now! Rhian

pamela said...

I remember you! You were around a different corner from me last Christmas. I knew you were waiting for me to comment.
Lets hope Lesley gets everything she wants from her holiday. As she been calling you? Move on ,it doesnt really matter. Have faith Rhian,you may have had a hard day and been living hand to mouth ,but youve had your freedom you monkey. Here's a careless whisper I heard------kissing a fool can heal the pain!
Ive enjoyed your fill in blog. Sorry although Ive spent a moment with you, I cant see the link youre asking us to look for though in your titles .It was a killer last request.

Tali said...

Woohoo Pamela...Amazing! I counted 19...Took some Patience.