Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A sick badger and an abandoned pony

Having finished for the day yesterday I was about to makesomething to eat when a call came from a neighbour who had found a badger collapsed in his barn.
He was worried that one of his horses may have kicked him as the badger was so lethargic -so much so that he allowed himself to be lifted into a dog crate. I went immediately to collect him but his breathing looked bad to me and as I half expected poorMr Brock had died by the time I reached the Vet surgery. Ken the vet on duty had a good look at him and thought he may have had a kick in the head but he was not in very good condition either so may have had something underlying wrong with him, poor creature, only a youngster too.
Today we have admitted an abandoned shetland pony stallion which had been placed in a field belonging to a local horse breeder,he was not well pleased as the field was full of mares! Barbara and Mei went to collect him and when they got there the men at the farm were having real difficulty catching him. Clearly he has never been handled and is completely wild.At first I thought maybe someone had found him wandering on the road(like the last pony we took in from the police) and put him in the field for safety but this pony had been placed in a field completely off the road at the bottom of a long drive! He would never have walked on a rope , the only way we managed to get him in a stable today was to take the youngsters in so he would follow them. Once esconced in his new home he appeared placid and docile so is used to a stable and being around other ponies. The photo shows him arriving in the horse trailer, he has all four feet squarely placed so he is determined he is not going to move one way or another!Rosies perseverance eventually got him to move but the poor little man was terrified of us all. I have called the Vet to arrange castration as soon as possible, a stallion is the last thing we want here.
Now we need to think of a suitable name for him, any ideas welcome.

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Janice Gillett said...

Aw what a little mighty pony.. A strong name for such a fast little warrior. Jet..