Wednesday, 24 March 2010

John gets put out with the rubbish and The farmer changes hhis mind.

We waited all day yesterday for the remainder of the collies to arrive having found places for all of them.He failed to turn up and I have spoken to his relatives who are furious with him and will still be trying all they can to get the dogs away from him. It is disappointing to say the least but what else can be done, its a case of waiting for the right time but I hope it will be soon for the sake of the remaining collies. In the meantime Ross and Robin have been today to be neutered and Robins wound has now been stitched as the infection had cleared up remarkably.The four are pictured today, the girls Rosa(in front) and Reba are still very scared though venturing in the run more often today (see photo) All have now been wormed and they were infested with them, no wonder the dogs were so hungry and thin. Under their thick coats they are grossly underweight.
I had neglected to say in the previous blog that we had been called out by the police to an accident involving a collie. This was the female which was badly injured on Sunday and nothing to do with these 19 collies.Sorry I think I was so hassled by the problem facing me with the farm dogs, I forgot to clarify how we came by this little dog. Anyhow she has had an operation today , her leg will have to be amputated as it is too shattered to repair but the major concern is the stomach op. I am ringing every day but she is making slow progress. I can only hope that she will recover completely.many dogs can live happily with three legs but she needs to survive this big op first.Still nobody has come forward toclaim her(and pay the bill!)
We have admitted a 12 years old cat from Llandudno, Phoebe is a beautiful longhaired cat whose owner was forced to part with her due to a childs allergy.She really is a stunning cat , her age is against her but with a bit of luck her appearance and friendliness may make her stand out from the "crowd".
Another crisis yesterday, little Celt developed a bad case of colic and we had to call out the vet.Mei and I walked him round and round to stop him lying down and twisting his gut and it was a real fight to keep him upright. Eventually the vet came (it seemed like hours but he was here within thirty minutes of our call) gave him an injection to relax his muscles and another one for the pain and then it was a case of waiting for him to pass something.Poor little man looked in so much pain,it was heartbreaking and we both felt we could lose him. Mei stayed with him until the early hours of the morning when he finally passed something and she felt he was on the road to recovery. I know she feels a special bond with him as she stayed here so many nights when he was being bottlefed(picture here) I did the early evening shift of a bottle every two hours and Mei would take over for the late one. Anyhow after giving us such a fright he is back tohis normal mischievous self today.
Jan, the manageress of our Llandudno shop has rung to say they are really desperate again for saleable items for the shop especially good quality clothes and small pieces of furniture so if anybody out there can help - either take to the shop on LLoyd street or bring to the shelter and I will deliver to the shop. We are still not receiving regular deliveries there, there are many other charity shops in the area so this may be the reason although we have the only animal charity shop this end of the town. We need to make this shop pay its way, Jan has already made much improvement in the takings and if we have the good to sell we are on our way!
Finishing on a note of levity(for a change) Rosie took this photo of John in the rubbish skip. Appropriate place for a man who ran his car off our track in the snow even though he was warned by us all that it was impasseable. He just had to do "the man thing" and prove a point. Pity he failed! Seriously though John is not only a good handyman but puts up with us all making fun of him though he does get his own back believe me and he will do his best to do just that tomorrow after seeing this photo!


john mike said...

hi. hello to all the blondes at the one who thought the short cleaning mop was for dwarfs when it was adjustable. guess who that was. only she who has to be obeyed. her name Leslie of course. she has me doing things in the bedroom for her for weeks now.taking her out week friday{somebody has to}. by the way i am the long suffering handy man john just getting my own back. Ishall keep you informed about the blonde situation at freshfields as there are quite a few of them.not real of course

lesley said...

The bedroom situation is not what it seems! Actually I have two men doing things there, levelling the floor Im afraid, nothing more exciting than that!!