Monday, 29 March 2010

Road accident dogs doing well.

The road accident collie(reallymust find her a name) has had two operations now,poor little thing and she is doing well.The first op was to put her intestines back into place and repair two hernias and the second performed the day before yesterday was to amputate a badly shattered back leg. She has been through quite an ordeal and she has shown what a lovely gentle nature she has. Even when she was first rescued and was in such a horrific state there was no sign of aggression though she must have been in such pain with her injuries. Both she and Thunder will be returning on Wednesday.We urgently need foster homes for both so need to spread the word around.
The 4 collies will be going to a border collie rescue in Yorkshire just as soon as transport can be arranged, we will have their first vaccination done tomorrow ready for their departure. The boys have recovered well from their neutering operations and Robins wound is healing very well. Unfortunately there has been no word from the farmer about the other collies but I am still hopeful he will revert to his original decision to hand them over to us. It is preying on my mind ,they desperately need to be rehomed where they can have company and exercise,some are displaying signs of pyschological problems which is no wonder after being incarcerated all these years.
Pebbles the 12 years old cat recently admitted(I called her Phoebe by mistake!) has found a home already, she is going to live with another cat"Theo" and they will be collected on wednesday.What a lucky cat to be chosen so quickly, Im sure her last owner will be thrilled,I know she was upset at having to part with her and this news will be just what she needs to hear.
I have received several calls requesting places at the shelter for horses and ponies but we have neither the funds nor the space for any more, however I am going to try my best to find them homes. and am waiting for photos to place on our website. If homes are found we will do it through the shelters loan agreement scheme. There are two shetland ponies which are fairly young and must stay together (though one has bouts of laminitis)and two big horses which also need to find a home where they can stay together(not an easy task).At least the 17 hands boys are problem free and healthy so that makes it a little easier but they will need someone with enough land and funds to keep such large animals healthy and happy. Oh how I wish I had lots more land and money to help these animals.There are just so many in need.
We have a possible home offered to Ken the ex riding school horse, I need to visit the home in Flint as soon as possible, and our lovely Rocky will be going soon although no home visit is needed as they already have ponies from Freshfields. Even with these two going we do not have the money to take on any new equines at the moment and there always has to be stabling available for any which may be returned.
The farrier has been out this morning and once again all the horses have nice tidy feet, now we need to make an appointment for Andre the dentist to visit. He calls regularly and is due in April but we need to confirm a date with him so we can arrange extra staff in for that day. Some of the oldies may need anaesthetic for treatment for which we call out the vet to work with Andre. I generally keep out the way being not so keen on anything to do with dentists though he is so gentle I may even ask him if he could check me out and give my teeth a quick polish!
Heard from Juniors (lurcher pup which looked like a mini William)new owners today, he is now called Alfie and he is settling in well and has made friends with Jake the resident tabby cat. Its always good to hear news of our animals , it can really make our day.
Well it is pouring with rain now and I am going to help Mei get the horses in, they are looking fed up and are clearly anxious to get into their warm stables and have their evening meal. It has been a horrible wet day, the fields are becoming very muddy, the stream at the foot of the property is overflowing into the lower fields making them boglike and like the animals I am totally fed up with the weather. There are so many newborn lambs about and daffodils starting to spring up and now we are having another cold spell, what a nightmare. No wonder we Brits have a reputation for always talking about the weather, we have so little sun it becomes a big occasion when it eventually appears.
For some reason I am unable to upload photos today so will try to put them on tomorrows blog instead. Computers eh!


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