Sunday, 7 March 2010

Oh no - more mice!

What a lovely spring day today,cold but bright and sunny. 3 dogs were found homes this weekend ( Cadi, Thunder and Rollie) one young cat, Ella left us and two more reserved and going tomorrow.There are still no takers for ferocious ferret,there does not appear to be anyone quite brave enough to take him on! We have had another visit paid to us by Stan,the mouse man! remember our rescue of 1,000 pet mice running amok in his house. Well its hard to believe but he has done it again- this time there are only around 200(only!!!) but many will be pregnant.I am so annoyed, we all worked so hard to help him , his living conditions were so bad and nobody should be left to live that way.However it seems it was all a waste of time as we are now facing another laborious and unpleasant job clearing his house again .The mice have to be rescued before Social services are called in otherwise they will kill them all.Thankfully once again other shelters are coming forward to help. This really has to be the end, my patience is now wearing thin. I do feel very sorry for him, he has problems but it is very frustrating for us, we want to help him but he will not help himself. Sometimes working with animals is just as much dealing with human problems and that we all need to have a pyschology degree and be trained in counselling!
Today I am struggling to learn how to use a new software programme for animal shelter management.It looks simple but I think it will take not only me a while to pick it up but the staff too. The Liverpool shelter already use it but we are late starters here! Once I have grasped the basics of it, the shelter will have all the animal details on computerand instead of wading through a pile of papers to find information, it will be literally at our fingertips. Wish me luck.
The new Yorkies have settled in well,I must find a home soon before I feel tempted to keep them. I am already becoming too fond of Tigger the young lurcher and unlike other young dogs I have fostered he is quiet and gentle with the little oldies. Anyhow a lady is coming to see him next weekend so Imust prepare myself forthat, for his sake I hope she likes him,he will need a lot of training and even more patience shown to him if he is to overcome his fear of people.
I have released a long term cat called Leona, she has been here far too long(about 18months) or whenever Leona Lewis won X factor! Poor little cat has never ever had any interest shown in her. There are a lot of permanent cats roaming round the shelter but we have recently lost a couple of our oldest residents so there is room for other to sleep in the conservatory. She has already made herself quite at home and even ventured in and out happily. The only problem is that she is not too keen on dogs and has been spotted today stalking poor old William.She will have to get used to him because he spends so much time with the cats in the conservatory and he expects cats to be nice to him. After all he allows them to share HIS sofa.

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K9friend said...

So many times the people problems outnumber the critter ones. Good luck with all the mice!