Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Its snowing again

Up[loading photos successful today and no John it is NOT because i am blonde! There was a temporary problem with the blog uploading feature.So here is little Junior(the mini William)in his new home with resident cat Jake.
I couldnt believe it when I looked out the window this morning, thick snow everywhere! After letting the dogs out I rushed to replenish the food on the bird tables, the birds were hovering around anxiously waiting for "the dinner lady"to do her stuff. Realised I had run out of the goldfinches favourite Nyger seeds so made a quick trip to the local agricultural merchants to purchase some more and some catfood which is being eaten up at an alarming rate (by the cats not the birds!) The track to the road was a bit slippy but the main roads are all clear.
Shortly on my return a man turned up with two dogs, a middle aged collie and a Siberian Husky. He was moving tomorrow and this was the dogs last chance! I still havent found foster homes for Thunder the young husky with the broken leg, I have had two offers but both people had cats and she hates them with a vengeance. I expected the collies to be going today but with the weather there has had to be a change of plan.Hopefully they will go very soon so they can start their rehabilitation. They had their first vaccinations yesterday but there are no funds right now to spay the two females. After the charity being established for 30 plus years I believed by now we would be financially well established but it seems to get no better and of course the recession has really hit charities.Those small ones like us with no investments and assets are the worst hit. Everyone is complaining of the same struggle to keep heads above water.For all Britain is a nation of animal lovers, it seems to be the charities established for human benefit which are the better off. Perhaps I should start a religious cult, they seem to do alright!
Our water pump is not working and we have had no running water for three days but other than that all is well!
Pictured are Monty and Lucy the shetland ponies in need of a new home together,I have put them on our website and am keeping my fingers crossed we will be successful placing them in a suitable and permanent home.
Now let me think of some cheery anecdotes for the day.Well Meirwen has just reminded me how I gave her an Easter egg last year and when she opened it there was a large chunk taken out of it, the foil around it was carefully replaced to look as though the egg was intact underneath.Yes youve guessed it, the culprit was me. I must have been having a "desperate for something sweet day".
Speaking of easter its our Easter fair tomorrow at the Royal Sportsman in Porthmadog and I am now panicking that nobody will turn up because of the weather, and on the fifth we have our first coffeee morning in Barmouth at the Dragon Theatre. Please let the weather improve for them.
A handsome all white cat has just been admitted,poor old chap is about 12 years old and has been brought here because the owner refused to let him in the house and he has been making a nuisance of himself trying to get in!!!! I would like to put her out in the cold and see how she likes it. It looks like the first kittens are about to start arriving.,We have a litter coming in tomorrow, Gail is picking them up from Pwyllhelli on her way into work.

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