Thursday, 1 April 2010

A good day for the Easter Fair.

Thank goodness the weather improved overnight and today was a nice sunny day forthe Easter fair in Porthmadog. We raised just over £500 thanks to the owners of the Royal Sportsman Hotel allowing us the rooms free of charge and even supplying the tea and coffee for the event. Pictures of some of the stalls above.We are starting to gather a nice group of people together now who help us at fundraising events in this area.The Barmouth easter fair at the Dragon Theatre is on Monday and with a bit of luck the weather will stay like this and that too will be a successful day.
Well the collies are on their way now to their new home where they will receive the care and attention they need and of course the rehabilitation needed to allow them one day to lead a normal life. It would be wonderful if I visited them in six months time and saw dogs behaving like dogs and experiencing life outside of a dark outbuilding. I cant wait for that day.
The road accident collie is now out of the vet as is Thunder.We have called the new girl Sophie (pictured here)and she is an absolute darling of a dog, so incredibly gentle and after all she has been through my heart just goes out to her. Her poor leg has been amputated and of course it looks horrendous, she has to learn now to walk and balance with her 3 legs.Dogs are so adaptable I expect it will not take her very long at all. How could anyone leave her lying in the road after running her over, I bet they have never given her a second thought. The vet said that although it seemed even more uposetting the fact that it was raining so heavily that day and she was left lying in the wet road,it actually may have saved her life! It made it easier to replace her intestines, dont ask me why - I didnt ask for details, its hard enough looking at the wounds without hearing explicit details of the operation to save her life. And save her life it most certainly did. I am very grateful to Stephanie the vet who performed the original op for having the faith to attempt it and not just put her down.
Also pictured is Twm the pure white cat who totally refused to pose for a photo and kept turning his back.Perhaps he was having a bad hair day! He isnt in the best condition, well see what he looks like after he has been wormed and had a period of being fed well. He is really enjoying his food .
The first litter of kittens arrived today but I havent had a chance yet to take a photo and Im afraid I will not be writing a blog until the end of the weekend as I am going to have 2 days away from my desk and away from the shelter..Yippee!

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