Friday, 16 April 2010

Another chance for Legend

William is so much better though not keen on the special food he has to have for his liver,at the moment im trying to hide it under his favourite Caesar but he sniffs it out and leaves it.Dont know how he is going to cope with a whole dish of it? It reminds me of an incident at the home of my (deceased)boyfriend Steve when he lived with his parents at the age of 16 and he had turned vegetarian. His mother was not at all happy with his sudden change of diet so she hid two pork sausages under a mountain of mashed potato. and thought this would fool him into eating them! Needless to say it failed to produce the desired reaction and he remained vegetarian and then vegan all his life.
It has been lovely and sunny here for a few days, Im glad Im not going away on holiday with all the airports closed due to the volcanic ash from Iceland. Mavis(Roys wife) is stranded in Dubai on her way back from visiting her daughter in Hong Kong and last I heard she was heading back to HK. I find it quite disturbing, so many environmental disasters occurring in the world and not only people suffering but animals too.Often we hear nothing about the animal victims in the media in the light of terrible human tragedy but Iam sure I am not the only one who immediately thinks"what is happening to the pets and other animals ?"
Anyhow on to lighter topics - Legend , the quarry pup has found another home and this time it surely is for good.Whilst he was in kennels the Proprietor told me that he was nothing like the animal portrayed by the previous owners (bad with strangers,dogs and cats) had been happily playing with her own dogs and in fact he made a great fuss of the couple who went to see him, by the time they arrived here with him to sign the adoption papers, he was totally in love with them and looked completely at home in their company. It bodes well for the future. So often an animal goes to a home with perfectly nice, responsible people but for one reason or another it fails to be a successful pairing. Then someone else will come along and there will be no problems whatsoever It shows how important it is to match up the right pet with the right owner. Sometimes,however we get it wrong and we have to try again though at least the second time we are armed with more information on how the pet has behaved in a house and have more chance of getting it right.
Another nice story - Marco the Dogue has already been reserved and is going to his new home today, they have had a boxer previously which slept on the bed, this will suit Marco as this is what he has been used to. I find it uncomfortable enough with William and Holly the cat in bed with me, it is hard to roll over when there are bodies in the way, bodies which groan and hiss at being disturbed from their sleep.Marco is a very big,heavy dog, good luck to them and it might be a good idea to buy a bigger bed!
Just as I delight in finding good Loan homes for two of our horses, I receive a call to say that Minnie and Georgie girl shetland mum and daughter are coming back due to their carer having serious health problems.I am particularly put out (not with the lady who took them on, it isnt her fault) because I had always said that they would stay at the shelter for life and now wish I had not parted with them. I want all of them to remain in permanent homes but realistically this is highly unlikely, there will always be those who have a change in circumstances, whose health fails and at least the ponies are returned so we know they will be safe. I would never rest easy if I thought they would be passed on and at the end of the day the charity has taken on the responsibility to care for these animals not just for a few years but for the remainder of their lives.
It has been a good weekend for the animals at the shelter, 2 dogs off to a better life and two cats today, Dragon a longhaired middle aged lady cat and Sophie a little black cat who has been passed over many times. There are lots of cats waiting for a place here so now some can be admitted in the coming week.Billy Meade who runs the Cat Action Trust in Holyhead is desperate for help with some of the cats he is rescuing, there is no cattery there and it is easy to become overwhelmed when dealing with so many problems by yourself. He is bringing in 3 abandoned cats next Friday and there are 6 more to come when we have space. All the cats he brings here are neutered beforehand so that is one less expense for me to worry about. I wish one of the big lottery winners will be one of our supporters and a big cheque will come through the post on Monday. Pigs might fly! Theres more chance of hell freezing over. That is not to say that I have no optimism, I do, I am always convinced our luck will change any day, I just would prefer it to be sooner rather than later and when it does I doubt it will be a hand out from a lottery winner. They are by and large too preoccupied with purchasing yachts,mansions and flash cars or they are not animal lovers.
Pictures here were taken the other day when the animals were enjoying the sunshine, ferals playing on their climbing toy,ferals enjoying a new cardboard box in their enclosure(oh how they love them)William the wonderdog day after his return from the Vet,Freddie Kruger ,pigwigs and Big Buster looking positively small whilst having a snooze.Why he chose this particular place instead of the grass is beyond me, only he can tell us the answer and he is not saying anything!

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