Monday, 12 April 2010

I plan another sponsored trek to raise funds.

A heavily pregnant cat has been admitted this evening, a lovely little tabby and white with a badly damaged eye which needs to come out judging from the look of it. She looks too far along in her pregnancy to spay which is unfortunate because by the time she gives birth there will be hundreds upon hundreds of kittens being born and needing homes. I have just been told there is an RSPCA mobile neutering clinic in Maes G. in Bangor which is brilliant and I hope people are making good use of it. In this day and age there is simply no reason to let pets have unwanted litters. SO WHY ARE THERE JUST AS MANY ABANDONED AND UNWANTED LITTERS BEING BORN?
Its a mystery though I tend to believe that it is due to apathy and not lack of money.There are several organisations offering help to people on low incomes and benefits, we ourselves have helped many families to get their pets neutered. In liverpool we even arranged a collection and delivery service to ensure the animals were taken to the vet and returned to the owner after being neutered..
The water in the stream which runs along the bottom of our fields has been rushing along like a
rapids and has overflowed causing the lower fields to be sodden and water logged, we have not had enough rain lately to warrant this phenomena so it is time for a call to the Water Board to find out what is going on. We had kept these fields empty ready for the horses in Spring but now they are too water logged to be used.So aggravating. I have seen a few butterflies about, mainly the common fritillary, there have been no cinnebars since the ragwort was cleared.That is a dilemma which really bothers me but theres nothing I can do about it. Ragwort is poisonous to horses but is the favourite food of the cinnebar caterpillars. If I leave a small area for it to grow, it then pollinates and spreads so its a no win situation. there must be a solution. Maybe they like other foods just as much, anybody know?
Both Buddy the collie and 8 years old |Teddy(the one who came in with the husky) have found new people to cherish and love them though Snooks the husky remains with us. This breed need experienced owners and everyone who has shown interest either has no prior knowledge or owns a cat or two and she most definitely is not a cat loving dog. I wonder why certain breeds become popular and always the breeds which tend not to be easygoing family dogs.There is | a Richard Gere film out at the moment featuring a Japanese Akita,please god dont let them be the next status breed.
Well the Daily Post did take another photo of Legend and an almost full page article on his plight was published in yesterdays paper.However and it is a BIG however - the photograph was abysmal, so bad in fact that the dog looked like a big headed ferocious American Pitbull with one eye!!! I am unsurprised that we received only one enquiry and he had not seen the offending photo but had been told the story by a relative.Anyhow he is hoping to come to see him on Sunday and he does sound as though he might be the one for him having had another dog with similar problems.
I cant remember if I mentioned the couple living on a caravan site where cats had been killed, well they have now trapped two of the remaining cats and we have released them into our feral enclosure. There are still a couple more for them to catch.Then we can all sleep easier knowing they are away from that place and its vile owner.
There has been no more news about the collie situation locally,I am sorry to say that the owner has not yet been persuaded to hand over any more of his dogs. The last one we got out is a lovely dog and I heard today that the 4 terrified feral youngsters have settled in well at their new home where rehabilitation is already taking place. I have confidence that ALL will be released from their prison before long,it is just a matter of being patient. Patience is not one of my virtues and I am desperate to rescue these dogs but it has to be done properly and he has already handed over 5 to me and 1 to a friend of mine so I am sure he will soon be persuaded to part with the rest.
I am considering doing another sponsored event to raise some funds for the shelter and have been looking at several organised events.One possibility is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro which was done recently by some celebrities for comic relief and was televised, therefore people will know that it is not an easy option/holiday. One lady I knew was very scathing about my efforts in the Andes and referred to it as a paid holiday! All I can say is that if I want a holiday Iwould never ever choose anyhting which involved climbing or walking in extreme conditions, I swore I would never do it again when I returned from Peru but a year on and I have almost forgotten the difficulties and hardship and anyway I need to raise some serious funds for the shelter . I dont know of any other way I can do this other than getting sponsorship. There is also a trek through the Sahara desert and one in Brazil which is trekking and kayaking so Iwill look carefully at them all ,weigh up the pros and cons and hope to make a decision in the next few weeks.It would be great if someone else would join me, even better if I could get a group together. one is in November of this year, the others Feb or march 2011 which gives a good time to raise sponsorship.Pictured here some photos of the Peru trek.After the trek we visited Machu Picchu and I am pictured with Anna another trekkie.the breakfast tent during the trek(the food was basic but great and vegan/vegetarian diets well catered for) and some peruvian village children living in isolation in the mountains. If anyone is considering joining me, many of the people on the trek had never done anything like it before though had embarked on a fitness regime prior to the event (I failed to do this and still managed quite well)and I was not the eldest there by any means.(makes a change) The Kilimanjaro trek will be the most difficult.Have a look at the website of Skyline or Charity Challenge for more information.

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