Saturday, 10 April 2010

A visitor for Callie.

The weather is fantastic at last, finally the heavy jumpers and coats can be discarded,its the same with the horses, their rugs are off today and they are enjoying the freedom without them.
Both tabby kittens have been homed as I thought they would, such little beauties and mum and tabby babies are doing well also .She has settled down with them though is still very shy of people
Cariad who works with the Vanessa on the horses , brought her children in yesterday and a mammoth grooming session took place in the stable yard. Although we have a general rule that children under fifteen years are not allowed to work here unsupervised Cariads children have been round horses all their lives and are supervised by their mum at all times. Pictured are Ethan and Sam grooming Noddy and their sister Charlotte grooming Crystal with the help of Catrin who has been with us doing work experience from school.
The fine weather brought us another visitor, Marjorie who comes with her carer Mair loves to visit and her special friend is Callie the old bay mare who enjoys a bit of extra fuss and attention, and of course the odd carrot or two. Callie has been in the care of the charity for a long time and although she must now be around 36 years of age, she looks very well and remains healthy. The cats enjoyed sharing Marjories lunch and William of course had to get in on the act, he is never far away from a source of food! Speaking of William, I have had a few scares with him lately. He has woken me up on a few occasions, very distressed and unable to move his back legs. He has had 4 such incidents over the past two weeks and so I took him to the vet thinking he may have developed epilepsy. It wasnt quite like an epileptic fit he had, more of a total collapse of his back end. Always the following day he has been fine. When he first came to me 8 years ago I noticed he had a scar on his side and some time later he had an xray which showed he had at one time been shot with a twelve bore shotgun! The lead shot remains in his back and flanks so he has developed arthritis and this has probably exascerbated his current problem. The vet thinks he is having severe muscular spasms which result in temporary paralysis of his hind legs, he has been put on tablets to alleviate it and if these fail to work, then there may be a possibility of a brain tumour. I am not even going down that train of thinking, he has not had a seizure for a few days and fingers crossed these tablets will do the trick.
Just one adult cat was homed today , I think its been very quiet here because of the lovely weather, we tend to get more visitors when it is cold and raining.

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