Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Legend is returned and old Jet gives birth

This mornings dog walk was in thick mist, I could only see a short way in front of me.This afternoon it has cleared and the sun is now shining much to the pleasure of the cats who had been lying about lazily in the yard. That is until their afternoon meal was delivered by a member of staff, then there was a great flurry of feline activity as all raced to get the biggest portion. A few of the more laid back cats simply held back and looked with disdain at the greedy ones clamouring over each other to get as much of their bodies as possible into the feed bowls. They are far too sophisticated to behave in such an unmannerly way and when the feeding frenzy was over they sauntered along to the bowls and ate with the grace and dignity that mature wise cats seem to possess. Would that I too were in possession of such attributes! I definitely belong to the first group!
Today Legend was returned.Legend the pup abandoned in the water filled quarry has proved too much of a handful for his new owners and defeated they have brought him back. He is still only a youngster, no more than 9 months of age but he has developed a dislike for cats,other dogs, strangers and small children which makes him rather a problem though I am hoping another newspaper feature may result in a more permanent and suitable home. I may have
to board him in local kennels which is an unwanted expense but I am nervous for the cats here. Will there be someone out there who can work with this pup and improve his behaviour? I hope so.
(the Welsh Daily Post have replied to my email asking for help finding Legend a home and are going to publish an article about him over the next few days)
A second litter of kittens has arrived though they are still only 2 weeks old and are with their very scared mum who gave birth in the grounds of Bangor University.Mum is a timid(not feral) fluffy black and white and all 5 kittens are dark tabby similar to yesterdays kittens. They are a beautiful family . We have left them alone for a while, I am always nervous the mothers will reject their offspring when they are moved at such an early stage in their bonding. Quietness is all important for her at the moment.
I had an email from the kind lady who gave a home to 12 years old Jet the last collie to be homed from the farm where the owner had died. Unbelievably she gave birth to a litter of puppies a few days after she arrived in her new home. The little family are pictured here aged two weeks. I have promised to find homes for them when they are old enough but like Jets new owner I am shocked at this happening to such an old dog although Lassie who was the same age and came from the same farm had given birth to pups just a few months prior to being admitted here.When I said to the relative who brought her that having pups at that age was unfair and even dangerous for a dog of her age, I was told that it was fine!! Fine for whom I wonder, certainly not the animals. I love the photo of Jet in her new home, a far cry from being on a chain or locked in a shed! She has a happy few years ahead of her now.
Tomorow Alison is coming to sign the loan agreement for Rocky who will then join their other horses and ponies next week at their home near Pwyllheli. I will miss seeing him in the fields, he stands out so much with his wonderful black and white markings. Then next weekI have to do a homecheck for Ken the ex riding school horse. I like to find good homes for them but I always hate seeing them go, usually I hide in the house or office when this happens and emerge only when the horse box is out of sight and I have a special feeling for Rocky so it will be worse than usual. There are quite a few horses needing a follow up check in their new homes so that should keep me out of trouble and off the streets for a while!

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