Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The first kittens of 2010 and a Cow needs a home.

The first kittens of the season have arrived and already two have gone, the gorgeous pair above are now awaiting homes.If I didnt have too many pets myself I would have them .I have always had a soft spot for tabby cats, it was the colour of the first cats I had as a child. At the age of 10 I was allowed to choose two kittens and the tabbies were the only ones left in the litter I went to see.Nobody wanted that colour, Tabbies were called "Scottie Road" cats in Liverpool. Nowadays they are more in demand and black and black and white cats are now the ones out of favour. Strange but true.
Devastating news- Sophie developed complications from her stomach surgery and had to be put to sleep. I am not going to write about it because it is still too painful to think about.
The 4 feral collies are now settling into their new home with another rescue who have experience with this sort of dog and we are in regular contact. It will be a very long job to bring them round to any sort of normality but they have a home for life if this does not happen .We have received a fifth dog from this same home.Tilly is about eight years of age and very gentle and quiet compared to the youngsters,she will undoubtedly make someone a loyal companion and be appreciative of the change for the better in her circumstances.(pictured here)
The Barmouth Coffee morning was held Bank Holiday Monday and raised the shelter £320, I am delighted to have extra to put in the bank this week! I am also thrilled to say that we have the nucleus now of the very first "Friends of Freshfields" fundraising group here in Wales. Christine, Carol, and Sue who all help in our Barmouth Charity Shop organised this event and are already planning the next. Carol and her husband Malcolm are having a car boot sale for us too. This has really given me a boost. I am hopeful they will attract others to join them , the more people, the more ideas and more funds will be raised. In Porthmadog we have Mion and Elspeth (from our Port shop) who fundraise by having stalls at local markets and Trish and friends who organised the fair at The Royal Sportsman and Catherine who has open days at her home so it seems there is another "Friends of Freshfields" in the making. I would like another group in Anglesey and one in Caernarfon area so if there is anybody out there willing to get together and organise something for us I would be pleased to hear from them.
I have just received a request to give a home to a cow currently living a solitary existence in Scotland.Much as Iwould love to offer her(Serena) a home we do not have enough grazing for another such large animal and she needs to be with others of her own kind.My job for this afternoon is to find her somewhere suitable where she can live out her life in safety. Years ago Freshfields did rescue a pregnant cow which had escaped from an abbatoir, she gave birth weeks after her rescue and eventually we found her a permanent home with supporters in Cheshire. S Rehoming cows is not an impossible task but not quite as easy as finding a suitable home for a dog or cat! Anyone want a pet cow?
I have agreed to take on 5 more feral cats because they are not in a safe situation on a caravan site near Pwyllhelli. A lovely couple arrived here in tears this morning .Over the past few years they have tried to help a colony of feral cats by getting them all neutered.This colony developed from a female cat acquired by the caravan site owner who neglected to have her spayed. On return from holiday the couplewere distraught to discover many of the cats missing.The colony of 30 cats was reduced to just nine.The caravan site owner had arranged for his son to shoot them! I know exactly how the couple felt as I had a similar experience with a neighbour in Formby,Liverpool who shot my own pet cats and was never brought to justice.The RSPCA duly investigated and were sure he HAD killed them but without actual proof nothing could be done.
These vile people often seem to get away with it. Anyhow I want these remaining cats safely away so have loaned the couple a cat trap. The small feral enclosure here may not give them the freedom they have been used to but at least they will be alive and safe from harm.
Mei has just come in and told me that last night she disturbed two couples having sex at the bottom of our track,I was horrified and asked her to describe them in case they were locals - she said they were small, brown skinned and croaked a lot! She had come across frogs mating at the side of our stream! I must have "Gullible" written on my forehead.
PS: Have found a home for Serena. Told you its not impossible!

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