Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Callie tries on a new fascinator.

Another busy day with the farrier making his regular 6 weekly visit and Ken going off to his new home in Flintshire to keep another horse company.Poor Ken is always bullied by the other horses here and I hope that he will find a real friend in this home. Tomorrow Georgie Girl and Minnie will be back though will probably go straight to Rosies for summer grazing. Such a shame it did not turn out to be a permanent home.
I couldn't resist taking the photo of the old mare Callie complete with hair adornment! She was with some of the other horses in our "waiting " paddock ready for the farrier to see them when we noticed her rather attractive "fascinator". And of course she posed beautifully,clearly very proud of her new look! She isn't looking so bad for an old girlis she? I estimate her age to be around 37, she has been with us since she was 22 years of age and she came with me from Liverpool some 8 (or is it 9?)years ago. Is it really that long since I left Merseyside? In some ways it seems a lifetime ago, in others just the other day.
As you can see I caught the naughty Jacobs impatiently waiting for their evening meal, I think they wanted to make a point - that the food trough was empty. Point taken!
I heard yesterday that Marco had settled in very happily, he had slept on their bed,eaten a full meal and enjoyed a bath and a walk. No wonder he is a happy dog, I felt he had been fretting for his lost home life as do some of the dogs which have been in happy homes before their admittance to the shelter.I am so glad he went quickly.
The sad news is that Nell has gone missing from her second home and has not been seen for a few days,We have sent a dog trap over there but it is lambing season in this area and my fears for her safety are increased. I am at my wits end worrying about her, if and I hope we do , find her again, what can be done with her? Will she ever settle anywhere? In spite of both homes being with loving caring people she does not seem to want to be there. I had thought with another dog in the house she would feel more at home but she still waited for a chance to run and took it. If she had been happy here she could have stayed but she showed no emotions other than depression here. Poor Nell.
Tigger the lurcher youngster will be leaving us this week to live in Cornwall with 3 other dogs, a rescued greyhound and two italian greyhounds.Another wonderful home found through the website Dogsblog.What would I do without it?I will miss him dreadfully but the other dogs should make him feel at home.With a bit of luck the greyhound will take over Megs job mothering him. I used to have an italian greyhound myself, his name was Mr Whippy and he came to me after his owner took him with two broken legs to the vet. Dave who used to be manager of the Liverpool shelter fostered him for a while, then I took him over and he stayed with me till he died at the age of 13 years (The dog, not Dave who last time I heard was still very much alive)) He will remember this little dog well as I seem to remember that Whippy pooed all over his clean car and then the poor little chap fell in it making an even worse mess.. With his two front legs in plaster he found it hard to move about, it was a great relief to him and even more to me when the plasters came off. Mr Whippy was never keen on walking and cried to be carried everywhere(not something I encourage normally) but he was always frail and I think maybe his legs were not that strong after the accident.Anyhow Mr Whippy was my 1980's William! I have seldom been without a lurcher or greyhound and he probably started my love for them.

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