Wednesday, 21 April 2010

So many elderly pets needing homes.

I heard from Kens new carer today, he is ok, there was a bit of racing round the field and snorting at each other but this morning both horses were eating calmly together so it is looking good for Ken.. We now have a temporary member of staff also called Ken and he told me that I had to make it clear in the first paragraph that I was referring to horses as he is not yet in need of a carer and has never raced round a field snorting.Well thats what he tells us anyway.
Human Ken will be helping out at the shelter whilst Barbara and Gail are on holiday, he already knows all the staff as he has helped us previously and came with us to see Caesar Milan in Manchester last month. Like Rosie he is keen on dog agility/flyball ,they sometimes go to shows together. (I am sure they will both want me to point out that they are NOT a couple as both have partners.) At least John now has another male working alongside him and will feel less intimidated by the bombastic, often boisterous and outspoken female staff.(only joking - he is not the least bit intimidated although we try our best)
There are so many elderly dogs and cats needing homes at the moment,my heart always goes out to these animals who have for one reason or another lost their homes. I took some photos this morning of one of them.Poppy is 12 years old, a lovely gentle old girl whose owner is critically ill, Poppy is most unhappy in her home on her own but I tried her with my dogs in the house and she immediately growled at Patch jack russell soI was unable to take her in.( I cant risk fights with the three ancient Yorkies) I am hoping that Dogsblog may come upwith a suitable place for her. We still have Tilly the 8 years old collie and I have just taken 2 more calls requesting help with old dogs - all sheepdogs or sheepdog crosses.Poor old dogs.
There are also 2 beautiful12 years old pedigree cats,Leo and Socks whose owners are ill and can longer care for them (see photo) I am receiving plenty of calls wanting animals but they mostly ask for youngsters.In spite of this we do always seem to find people for these pets, it can just take a little time.I have decided to give old Ginger cat Jimmy his freedom of the property badge and he has moved into the conservatory with the other oldies.If Twm the old white cat fails to go soon,he may also join the gang who are all feeling the chill of today and are currently all stretched out in various poses on the sofa and chairs, revelling in the warmth. I might join them soon, I am really cold today, there is a very icy nip in the air.
Barbara and Vanessa have gone to collect Minnie and Georgie Girl from Anglesey and they will be going direct to Rosies fields.Tomorrow Rocky is leaving us for his new life and I am going to make myself scarce when the time arrives for his departure. After all this time it is silly to get upset when animals go but sometimes you just cant help it and its no good saying to yourself that they will be happy and its a great home, there is still the feeling of sadness seeing them leave.
We have 3 kittens coming in on saturday,I bet they will be in and out very quickly, there is so much demand for them at the moment. Wish it stayed like that all year round.

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