Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Amazing Escaping cat.and William comes home.

William is still in the vet but his temperature is down and I am told he seems brighter.He has had an xray on his back and I waiting to hear the results.Having spent a sleepless night worrying about him, this is better news than I had hoped for.
I managed to get a photo of the escapologist cat from the feral enclosure, unfortunately I didnt manage to get to the camera quickly enough to show him hanging upside down as he swings his body to lever himself over the wire overhanging! He is amazing , all this effort and an hour later he is back at the door wanting to re-enter the enclosure.In 4 years he is the only one ever to escape. A real Houdini.
4 cats have been admitted today,two more of the caravan site colony though these two are domestic cats which is a bonus for us as the feral enclosure is now pretty full.The other two are from an owner moving TODAY to a property where the cats are not allowed to accompany her. This happens so often, people make arrangements to move and the relocation of their pets is the last priority. Not only that but a request for a donation is treated as though I am asking for something unacceptable. I do not have a set donation for pets being admitted because I am scared that rather than pay a small fee to the charity, some owners will abandon their pets as a cheaper option. This has occurred in the past and I am not prepared to take the chance again.
Christine(pictured here)the previous owner of The Clarksters - Marcasite, Starlight, Carousel and Solititaire, came to visit the ponies along with some friends and as usual she brought goodies with her which the ponies love. Christine has continued to help the shelter ever since we admitted them and has now started a fundraising group for the charity "Friends of Freshfields" based in Barmouth. They are meeting next week to discuss fundraising ideas.
An emergency situation arose with a 4 years old Dogue de Bordeaux whose owners wanted rid of him urgently, he was taken in by a friend of ours and today we admitted him, Rosie will be fostering him for us.He is a lovely gentle creature,as was Muffin the elderly Dogue I had at one time. These and other mastiff breeds have never been my favourites in the canine world but since having Muffin, I am totally sold on Dogue de Bordeaux. All those I have met seem to have a similar laid back and gentle nature which is such an an appealing and necessary trait in such a large powerful animal. Marco is adorable,like a big teddy bear.
Mei has just come hobbling in,the naughty Jacob sheep are becoming too big for their boots nowadays. feeding them is now a game of throw the food at them and run - fast !! Whilst our three gentle sheep Bertie Sam and Chloe simply stand patiently waiting for their meal(well as patient as sheep can be!) Joseph and Jacob circle the unfortunate staff member whose duty it is to feed them on that day and they will lower their horns and charge.This is not good, they are strong and can hurt with their bodies, never mind the horns , what a shame they were not dehorned as youngsters, they would not be as lethal as they are now. This is a problem we need to address and soon.
PS: just spoken to the vet again about William, he can come home, I am thrilled to bits.His x ray showed no arthritis or further damage to his spine.The lead shot is still visible and does not seem to have moved.His temperature is normal and he has eaten a bowl of Chappie.This amazes me because William is so fussy,I have to give him Caesar or similar to make him eat, he must have been starving to consider touching Chappie. We use that for most of the dogs here but William has always turned his nose up at it. The vet said that his liver enzymes are high and he will need another blood test in a week but all in all it is better news than expected and I am so relieved to have him back home. Yes,Yes ,Yes.the day has improved 100 percent and now the sun is truly shining.


Tali said...

So glad William is better now xxx

Jan said...

I know how much you think of William and you must have been out of your mind with worry... fingers crossed he'll continue to improve.


Janice Gillett said...

I hear you with the surrender fee... people who wait to the last minute don't care about much.