Monday, 22 March 2010

Update on the weekends events

Uodate on all thats happened this weekend past:
The four collies are brighter in themselves but very very scared.The two girls are just huddled in a corner trying to make themselves as small as possible but the boys are coming into the run and up to the door but a quick move makes them race back to the safety of the sleeping area. All are taking titbits not quite out of my hand but about a foot away though none will make eye contact. Robin is to go back to the vet to have his wound stitched, providing the infection has gone down and will be neutered at the same time to prevent further stress in weeks to come.Ross too will be neutered so they can recuperate together.
Thunder the Siberian Husky has a very bad break in her front leg so is still in the vet and will be a few months convalescing soI am going to put out an appeal for a foster home for her. We are all still in shock about her accident and I have just read in a magazine article that this breed has very poor recall and most owners keep them on extending leads when exercising. I seem to be learning quite a few lessons lately.There is always something new to learn even after so long doing this work.Nobody knows everything and I am certainly no exception to that.
The road accident collie from yesterday is still in a bad way and not yet well enough for another major operation. She is on a drip at the moment and apart from her intestines having spilled out she also has a shattered back leg.Poor little dog, there is no microchip in her and no ID on her collar so at the moment we have no owner for her.
Two more cats have been reserved, Jay and Jet black brothers will be leaving us tomorrow,we are doing very well with adult cats right now , this is the time to get the long term and older cats into homes before the kitten season starts and we are inundated with babies.
more news tomorrow.

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roy said...

You are having a hard time up at the shelter lately .lets hope things get better