Friday, 12 March 2010

Why dont people listen to advice?

Yert another lurcher pup - Tilly, pictured above giving sloppy kisses toMei was taken to a dog pound after being found wandering on farmers fields, after the required time nobody turned up to claim her so she is now up for adoption with us. She looks as though she is from the same litter as nervous Tigger but she has a different personality being more outgoing and friendly.Nevertheless she was found in the same area so there is definitely someone there breeding lurchers indiscriminately and what is worse homing them to careless and unsuitable people for so many to be ending up at shelters/dog pounds before they are 6 months of age. Looking at that photo again I realise that I must have a photo of Mei kissing every dog we have ever admitted here - she is such a hussy!!!
I enjoyed taking the dogs on the fields this morning,its great watching them play. Tigger has joined the "biggies" in the kitchen as he was becoming a little too heavy for the Yorkies when he plonked himself down to sleep on top of them! he is now sleeping in Mollys basket, she takes absolutely no notice at all and he thoroughly enjoys his exercise with them. He adores both Meg(seen here yawning in boredom at having her photo taken yet again) and Ben the old collie I adopted last year after his owner became homeless, so it is a happier environment for him until he goes to a home. There have been many enquiries but nothing quite right, he needs a home with other dogs , someone who will have patience to bring him round(he still does not respond to affection and will not let me touch him unless he is asleep)and somewhere he can run round and play.
I feel very upset after receiving a phone call to say one of our rehomed cats has gone missing.Not by accident but because the new owner let her out after just 12 days instead of the 3 weeks she was told. Sometimes I despair, why do people think we give this advice?Its not for the hell of it but to keep the animals safe. This has come just one week after another of our cats was found dead after getting out of his new home just five days after he left us .This is the last straw. I dont know what to do to make people respect our advice. All the staff really stress the need to be vigilant and thankfully most people understand the importance of allowing a cat to adapt and settle properly before allowing it to venture outside into the big wide world. Please let this one be found before anything bad happens to her. Jackie is pictured here so if anyone spots her, she is missing in the Blaenauffestiniog area please let us know immediately.
Spoeaking of being upset yesterday I received a call from a man wanting to get rid of a friends dog but he would not meet me halfway when I asked for a few days to find a space for him. he finalised the conversation by asking if a vet would destroy him? As I have done so many times before I spent hours on the phone trying to find someone to foster him. After ringing all the local vets to ensure they did not put the dog to sleep should he be taken to their surgery, one of the staff at a surgery in Bangor offered to foster him.Hopefully today he should be safely esconced in her home. I hate being emotionally blackmailed by pet owners. When I first started this work I would spend days in floods of tears, now I get more angry that such a tactic is being used . There are many people patiently waiting for us to find room for their pets, why should this man and others like him "jump the queue? Their case is generally no more important or urgent than the next one and when this form of blackmail is used it causes great stress for animal rescuers who are already under a great deal of pressure in their work.
Our lovely big horse Buster is walking very stiffly in the mornings in spite of all the extra supplements in his feed. We are going to leave him and Rocky(to keep him company) out at night so he is less likely to stiffen up as he does in his stable. At least he will have more space to move around and there is a big shelter for them should they need it. Rosie has suggested he be shod on his front feet , that this may help his awkward gait so we will try this when the farrier next pays us a visit.
Old Ross is pictured here with Rosie after he covered his nose with treacle(the only way we can get him to take his medication) whilst eating his food. This old boy who is now in his mid thirties is a real character, pictured last summer with guess who - William of course, that dog gets everywhere! Ross had been a childs riding pony but he grew too old for work.The same old story! Anyhow we all love him so he has a happy retirement here with the other oldies(me included)


Tali said...

I can't believe sweet little Jackie has gone missing. I'm gutted and angry!

K9friend said...

Hope the kitty is found safe and sound quickly!