Thursday, 1 October 2009

Buster is being returned.

Felix is at the vet and is on a drip, this is the fourth time he has been ill and to the vet and they still do not seem to know what is wrong with him.It is not looking good for him at the moment.
Harvey Moon has gone to be neutered and his new owner is collecting him from the vet tonight.Tonight I will have a lovely peaceful evening with the Maggie Marthas, Suzy and William who no doubt will be breathing a huge collected canine sigh of relief.I am sure if they could speak they would have begged me not to ever bring in another youngster and I am of the mind they would be quite right.
Rosie is fostering a lovely little dog called Lucy (pictured here)whose owners ill health has forced him to part with her, she is a quiet gentle dog around 2 years of age and ideal for anyone retired or wanting a dog which is not boisterous and hyper.So many dogs in rescue centres are overactive through lack of exercise and training in their previous homes but Lucy is a sweetie.I think I should have cared for her and Rosie had Harvey!!
I have a horse being returned this winter,its our lovely Buster (pictured here)the big 17.2 hands cross Irish Draft.Unfortunately the owners of the farm where he has lived for the past few years have had to sell some of their land so there is no longer enough grazing for all their horses.Its a great shame as this was a super home for Buster who went along with another of our horses (which they are keeping for now )but it is part of the loan agreement we have that we are here for a back up if circumstances change. He was originally admitted here 5 years ago because his owner who had bred him no longer wanted to keep a horse which was unable to do anything other than be ridden very lightly due to a twisted hock. Some foals can be born with this disability but I have it on good authority that it is possible to rectify this problem if the animal is operated on whilst young. I suppose people do not want to spend copious amounts of money on their animals though I feel if they breed them,it is their responsibility to ensure that they receive the correct veterinary care/treatment to enable them to have a good quality of life in the future.
Ziggy another of our permanent feral cats has a middle ear infection, he is the second to have this in a few weeks and he is having to be confined until his treatment is over.He will be most unhappy as he usually spends his evenings in the conservatory curled up with his sister Zoe.Both were feral kittens we were unable to domesticate but in the past year both have become very affectionate and loving.Poor Ziggy. Zoe will be totally undisturbed by his temporary absence as she is very flighty and will cuddle up to any cat which will tolerate her overtures.
A mother cat and her kitten have been homed today, these are the two which were abandoned outside Vanessas house 2 weeks ago.One other kitten has also gone toa new home so its not been a bad day today.The adult cats are still very slow in moving but with so many kittens still available this state of affairs is normal.At one time there was a definite season where kittens were born and by winter we would have none in the cattery.Nowadays due to climate change and the total chaos it has brought to nature and the general order of things we are seeing cats giving birth right through the winter. Previously we would have a good few months where only adult cats were available in rescue centres and now they have to compete with the younger more visually appealing animals. Even the plants and flowers do not seem to know what part of the year it is. As for me,well most of the time I dont even know what DAY it is!! Nothing to do with climate change though, just plain old absent mindedness.

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