Monday, 26 October 2009

Time to order in the haylage bales.

`Its a really nice day today,quite warm and even the sun is shining, its quite a change from the last few wintery days and a welcome respite.Little Katie has left us and so has Hadley.Willow goes tomorow . I am wondering if one of the people who rang after seeing them on the Dogsblog website might be interested in another I have just heard of.There is a 3 years old black female lurcher in a dog pound in Dolgellau (same one Hadley was taken to)so maybe just maybe there may be a home for her.Where are all these lurchers coming from? There seems to be a sudden spate of them in this area.
Did anyone see Doc Martin last night?I have always liked that programme, there is no gratuitous violence and no animal abuse so I always feel it is safe to watch in the knowledge there will be disturbing scenes in it. Not so last night, I had to switch off thanks to repeated close ups of a dead pheasant and a dead deer slung round someones neck with its poor head lolling lifelessly.I felt it was totally unecessary footage and far too graphic. There were far too many shots of the dead animals.I see enough in my day job, I certainly do not want to see this kind of thing when I am trying to relax. Its put me off watching again.I wonder do many other people feel this way.
There is little grass left here now so it is time to be ordering the big bales of haylage. This is when Trevor our old tractor is forced into life after a spell of hibernation during the summer months when he is almost redundant.Without him we would be unable to move the large bales into position in the fields and this is the cheapest way to feed the horses when the grass has diminished.See photo of the horses gathered round the hay container last winter.
The four youngsters,Celt,Merlin, Shanmrock and Finn have recovered well from their gelding operation and Finn who has gone to live with Cariads other pony, is coming along well with more individual attention.I am so glad that the ops are over and done with.I was in my usual mode of "keep out the way of blood and gore" and had to leave the premises until it was all over. Just the thought of it makes ,me feel faint! Animals are so stoical,I have the greatest of respect for them in their ability to recover from trauma and operations. Would that I shared some of that ability!
We are having six cats returned today, they were homed 4 years ago but apparently circumstances have changed so I am obliged to find space for them.Two are ferals and I am delighted to say that they already have a home,the man who delivers our hay wants a couple of ferals to live in his barn so these two should be ideal for him.Accommodating the remainder is not easy as we have lost a whole pen due to the roof situation,however they were our cats originally and their future must be assured. They will have to go in the old dog kennels with 2 other cats. The mnaterials for the temporary roof fixture should arrive today and with a bit of luck it will be repaired by the weekend. The long term solution is of course to pull it down and build a new cattery but as we have no way of knowing what the future holds for the shelter , its a case of taking each day as it comes.

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pamela said...

"but as we have no way of knowing what the future holds for the shelter , its a case of taking each day as it comes."

This sounds scary, are you just talking financially, or is there a serious risk that the seemingly heartless Mr H could get you closed down?