Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Dawn leaves us and a very thin puppy arrives.

The donations are still coming in but there is a postal strike now,wouldnt you know!Anyhow so far we have received almost £2,000 so it is helping us greatly,thank goodness there are some animal lovers out there who really care about their local shelter.
I had decided we had to stop admitting animals as there is a large vets bill yet to be paid but yesterday someone turned up with a dog found tied up outside his house and she was so pitifully thin I could not turn her away .Willow as I have named her is now esconced in my living room with the Maggie Marthas ,Suzy and Pooty the old tortoishell cat.Willow (pictured here)is a young whippet cross about 5 and a half months old and reminds me rather of my lovely William, she is gentle and very calm around the other animals and I am going to find it very difficult to part with her. Even William who dislikes youngsters intensely seems passive around her.Incidentally I never did part with Meg the lurcher who had a tiff with Molly, she is still with me and always will be though I have to be careful not to make a fuss of any other animals when she is near, she is very jealous and possessive around me. Molly ,more or less keeps out of her way but they and Ben the old collie live amicably together now.Bens owner has agreed to let him live out his life here and although I did not want another dog,I am relieved. Ben is so settled here now and judging by his reaction when his owner visited him,I dont think he wanted to go back to him. His owner loved him dearly but Ben seems to prefer life here.At least now the man can accept the councils offer of a place to live instead of holding out for one where he could have his dog.He will now be able to leave the B&B where he has been accommodated for the past 6 months.
One of the lovely people who has supported us through this difficult time had expressed a desire to take a cat which had been here a long time and today he chose Dawn to live with him.Dawn has been here almost 18 months, a shy but sweet little tabby with bits of ginger colour always held back when visitors came and her nervousness did not endear herself to prospective owners.She was never a great one to make a fuss but amazingly today she was purring and making a great fuss of this gentleman. Real cat lovers are instantly recognised by cats and there is no doubt in my mind that she knew she was in with a chance today. How right she was. This is a real morale boost for the staff who, like me ,worry about those which are overlooked and for Dawn to be chosen when there are so many more outgoing and attractive cats here is a real pleasure to all of us.
There are two other adult cats reserved and should be going tomorrow.Which is just as well because to add to the pressures of the moment, the cattery roof is collapsing!We have had to evacuate one entire pen intothe old dog kennels and another 2 pens are affected so we need to empty these also.There is no money to pay fora new roof but we will need to repair well enough to see us through the winter ahead. We have builders arriving today to give a quote for minimum repair.Also Roy the volunteer manager of the Caernarfon shop has told me today he is stepping down so I need to find a replacement - not an easy task, Roy was so reliable and committed to the shelter but for personal reasons he feels unable to continue.What a nightmare. Oh well better to get all the rubbish luck out the way at once and then things can only get better!!!!!

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