Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sasha leaves us for a new life. and Rocky is to be returned.

It has been a good weekend for cats.5 kittens and Mia an adult black cat went out yesterday. One lady took 3 to add to her feline family of two so at last we have a couple of spare pens for any more emergencies.
I appear to have offended one woman who took umbrage when I asked for her address to make a home visit. I had some doubts about the suitability of the home anyway after her children reeled off the names of past kittens/cats which either vanished, moved in with someone else, were run over or left behind when there was a house move! Oh and then there was the 8 weeks old puppy run over too!(but that was not their fault?) .Her face became set with fury and she marched the children out to her car,saying "all this fuss for a cat". Its a fact that those who react in this way are always the people I have a gut feeling about,is it guilt that provokes this reaction? I could not have been more pleasant whilst explaining why animal shelters make home visits but she was livid with anger and off she went dragging the protesting children with her.I am always sorry for the children when parents behave so irrationally.
Its a horrible day today,raining and misty,I dont think it will be long before we have to start putting on the heaters in the cattery.So far it has been quite warm in the sleeping areas and I want to leave it as long as possible so they will receive the benefit of the extra warmth when it is really needed.
Sasha the white Gsd has also left us today for a new life, she had originally been rescued from a home where she and several others were badly neglected, then her new owner kept her for 6 months and left the country leaving her behind with parents who had no desire to keep her.I hope this time she has found a permanent home where she can feel secure and loved.(I wouldnt mind one of those myself) Thank goodness I am not up for adoption, I would be one of those "difficult" animals that nobody wanted to take on, not good on socialisation, behavioural problems galore and a penchant for eating anything in sight,(as long as not animal based) known to thieve other peoples food when not looking and can be very noisy.Even I would not want to adopt me! I would be far too much hard work.
There is another horse being returned, this time it is Rocky who held a special place in my heart(see photo here)His carer has developed arthritis in her hands and is having difficulty looking after him. We are really pushed for space now, he and Buster will have to stay out in one of the field shelters as all the stables will be occupied, thankfully they are good well built and deep shelters with a permanent floor so they should be fine as long as they are rugged.It will be hard to part with him again, maybe I need to make a decision one way or another.
I spent another afternoon helping Roy to clear the old shop.Barry also turned up and we made another trip to the local skip with our vehicles full of rubbish.Last time we went there were good bicycles being thrown away and the Council will not allow anyone, even charities to remove them.Where is the sense in promoting recycling and yet allowing good items to be crushed and disposed of?? Dafydd of Cycle recycle cymru had already been to ask if he could have the bikes,He recycles(no pun intended ) them and then donates them to charities for them to raise funds.He is also trying to get off the ground a workshop to train and employ disabled people to be able to dothe same.But NO even he is not allowed to take anything thrown away.Where is the sense in it? I think I will write to them in protest.

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