Saturday, 24 October 2009

Marjorie meets Crystal

The Dogsblog website once again has brought some homes for the dogs, there are people interested in Willow , Katie and also Hadley a lurcher being fostered by Rosie. Hadley was found, taken to the police in Porthmadog, then transferred to the dog pound where his time was up.He had staples in one leg where he had obviously had a recent operation but nevertheless he remained unclaimed.Pending homechecks all should be going early in the week.
2 adult cats Ernest (Che) and a little tortie adult have been reserved today also so not too bad at all for a bleak, cold, rainy and very windy Saturday.The highlight of the day however, has been a visit from supporters in Liverpool who travelled to the shelter with a cash donation and a huge amount of catfood packed into their car. What a treat to see a good supply of catfood stacked up once again.It felt like Christmas had come early. This will save us hundreds of pounds , the kindness of people lately has restored my often dimmed faith in human nature. Words are inadequate for the gratitude I feel towards those who have given us the practical help needed.
We also had a visit from Marjorie and her carer who come regularly to see the animals here.Marjorie sponsors Callie but today the old lady Callie, not Marjorie!) was grazing in the top fields and was nowhere to be seen so Mei introduced Crystal to her instead.It is always a pleasure to see how this wheelchair bound lady brightens up when she meets our animalresidents.It means a great deal to her and she thoroughly enjoys her trips to the shelter.
The bad news is that my neighbour has once again started complaining to the council about the noise of our dogs! It seems he is annoyed at the noise between 8 and 9 am and around 2pm in the afternoon,this is when the dogs are walked so they get excited, are they not to be allowed to make any noise at all? The council is going to be monitoring the noise. He is clearly not content with the fact that he has stopped us taking in dogs to our block of five kennels(I have never been able to understand how there was planning permission to build these kennels but we are not allowed to use them!!!!) but now the resident dogs are not allowed to make a noise either. I think he wants us gone and thats the truth of the matter. Well I am not so easy to get rid of. The perverse side of my nature will never give up no matter what is thrown at me and the more he hassles the more determined I become to carry on. In a way he has just spurred me on and given me even more reason to stay positive about the future of the shelter. I now would LIKE to end this days blog by a very rude comment and gesture to Mr. H. Clearly I am unable to do this so please feel free to use your imagination! The more imaginative the better.

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