Monday, 5 October 2009

Kitty is Cat of The Month.

I collected the cat and kittens Monday and how beautiful they are too. This is her second litter and she is only young herself.They were allcovered in fleas.A caring neighbour had alerted me to their need for rescue and had been liasing with the couple who owned her.This is not the first animal they have taken and neglected to care for so she was delighted we were able to help and like us hopes they will refrain from acquiring more pets. Unfortunately from my own experiences I find that seldom do they learn from their mistakes,just simply start all over again with a new animal.At least in this case there is a watchful neighbour who can monitor the situation.Also pictured is the litter from Anglesey,I dont think we have had so many grey and ginger kittens in as we have this year.It does ,however mean that the older black and black and white kittens are being pushed to one side.At last count we had 37 kittens in so 37 nice people are needed to respond to our article in this weeks paper, well at least I hope they are going to publish it this week.We really desperately need some media pubicity to bring in homes and funds.
Kitty is also pictured here, her owner died and she has been with us for a few months but unlike the majority of cats which are admitted and happily settle in,poor Kitty has been very unhappy. She is missing her home comforts and I think she has never been in such close proximity to other cats which she has found very disturbing.Thankfully she has improved considerably of late and is eating well, even making a fuss when I go in to her pen -something I was unable to do at first without being attacked by a very disgruntled feline.Kitty needs a quiet home ,possibly with a retired pewrson/couple so I am making her my special October project.Its " Find Kitty A Home time". I know there is someone special out there just waiting for her, now I just need to find him/her/them. Never an easy task.
I have been collecting mushrooms and toadstools in the fields to attempt to identify them (yes I know im sad but there is not much to do in North Wales!) and so far have found that we have yellow Russula, parasol, shaggy ink caps and Blackening wax Caps.I kept gathering them up and then placing them somewhere only to forget and days later I came across their shrivelled remains which were totally useless for identification purposes. In fact it made me feel like a murderer. After this went on for weeks I became tired of clearing away their wizened corpses and identification has now finally been achieved.
Tuesday I will be taking Mei back to hospital, her painful wrist injury is still not sorted,this will be the third plaster cast she has had and she is still in a great deal of pain.I hope she receives her appointment for (possible) surgery soon.

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pamela said...

Have you found ones you can eat?
(sorry, I do mean fungi not kittens !)