Saturday, 3 October 2009

Callie, Ken and Freddy returned today.

Today the three horses came back from Caernarfon.Pictured here arriving.Holding Freddy on the left is Mei,Cariad is on the right holding Ken and Gronwey leading Callie out at the back.We could not use our new trailer because we needed to accommodate three so it was too small for this particular run. Gronwey who has done a lot of work here at the shelter had just purchased a horsebox and the three travelled in style in that. We were all glad to see them back here although having them grazing out during the summer months has been a boon to us and allowed us to rerst some of the fields.Callie at 36 years is one of our oldest horses and she was a bit sweated up after the journey so we decided it was best to stable them for the remainder of the day.Tomorrow they will be turned out in the fields at the side of the house where there are several acres and a good field shelter.Next week we attempt to catch the youngsters for their return journey here.
This afternoon has been fun!
I was asked to take a rabbit which was no longer wanted so when the owner told me the bunny was loose in the garden,I asked her to return it to its hutch and I would collect today. Of course when Mei and I arrived at the address there was the rabbit happily hopping round the garden and not an enclosed garden at that!Nobody was in so it was left to us to catch him.Well Mr Bun did not want to be caught, after all why would he after weeks of running free in all the gardens? After an hour we still had failed to get within yards of him and by then to add to our humiliation a crowd had gathered.Red faced and dirty after several failed attempts of launching ourselves at him and landing in the flower beds instead , I made a last ditch attempt to foil the wily creature and made a grab whilst he was under a bush.At last I had him though it was not without a little regret I placed him in our carrier to bring him home.He had been having such a good life and now he was to be confined in a much smaller area,it almost seemed a shame to do this though it was inevitable that in his environment he would eventuially have become a dogs dinner or killed on the road.He has been introduced to the rabbit already here and so far they appear to be getting on well though they willneed to be monitored fora while.Black Bun has been neutered and this is another male so time will tell if they become bosom buddies.
Just one kitten has gone today,a pretty little grey tortoishell and white,from a feral litter fom Anglesey.She was the friendliest of the litter.The couple who caught and brought the mum and babies in to us have been so kind and made a generous donation to the shelter.In this time of worry over the finances of the shelter, donations are more welcome than usual.I had been feeling very low about the state of affairs but today my spirits are boosted thanks to the donation yesterday of cat and horse food from 2 very good friends of Freshfields .It is good to know that I am not alone in times of hardship.I am trying to stay as positive and optimistic as I can.
PS: Felix sadly did not make it.

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