Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Boys are Back Again.

Today our horse trailer was used for the first time and there was a successful round up of our four youngsters by Rosie,Mei, Vanessa and Barbara. There was some worry that our latest pony Finn would prove to be a problem as he has had little handling this summer but he was caught after a comparatively short time and went into the trailer with no fuss. 2 trips were made with Barbara driving and the first to arrive were Merlin and Celt, followed by Finn and Shamrock (incidentally they both came from the same farm) The ponies travelled quite well and they unloaded easily too, all in all it was not the traumatic time as we expected.So next week they will have their feet trimmed and their male bits OFF.Pictured here are the boys arriving (we are so proud of our very first horse trailer)and enjoying a canter in their field.Finn looks so much better than he did when he arrived, see the before and after pics here.What a difference a few months can make!He really was in a shocking state. So next will be a trip to bring back Marigold and Melba and another to deliver Minnie and Georgie Girl to a new home.I had intended to keep the latter as Minnie had been through much in her life and I did not want her to ever feel fear and apprehension of leaving here where she felt safe, however I have been offered such a good permanent home for her and her daughter and they have been grazing out this summer anyway that I feel this to be the right decision for their future.
We have admitted a tiny stray kitten today and had a cat returned for scratching the children, an enquiry requesting me to take in a dog riddled with mange (I am trying to resolve this)and have found a home for Sasha the white German Shepherd.Oh and the people who brought in the feral cat and kittens rom Anglesey have come back for her,they are going to give her a home.Jemima as she is called is totally feral but they think the world of her having fed her for a long time.I am so pleased that they have decided to take her back as there was no hope of finding her a domestic home from the shelter.
Mei has had her cast taken off and the injury has healed so now I can get her to do some REAL work!!! Ever the sympathetic Boss!!

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