Monday, 19 October 2009

Hunting continues in North Wales.

After speaking of my huntsman neighbour,I was horrified to hear (I was on a day off and away from the shelter) from Mei that there was a hunt taking place in Nasareth and the hounds were on the adjoining property to the shelter.There were a large number of hounds and Mei heard gunshots, I believe I am correct in saying that this is illegal, that control of foxes should occur with only two hounds!Apart from my great sadness for the slaughtered wildlife, my neighbours Nia and Andrew have cats and horses (some from here) and geese loose on their land so there could have been a veritable bloodbath.Had they wandered just that bit further the Freshfields animals would have also been at risk. Foxhounds are lovely animals, we have an elderly one here but Bonnie, although she has a gentle affectionate nature would behave totally differently if running with a pack. I will be making some complaints about this and will also talk to Nia and Andrew who will be horrified to hear what has happened on their land. These people have no regard for the law, they believe they are a law unto themselves and they cannot be allowed to carry on their murderous antics so close toour homes and putting our pets at risk.
The Welsh Assembly have produced excellent literature regarding the keeping of pets and an accepted Code of Practise for such.This morning there was a forum held in Anglesey and I was able to attend along with Sandra a friend and someone who has done much for animal welfare in this area over the years.It was interesting to hear of the efforts of various councils all over Wales, their efforts to improve animal welfare is to be applauded. The implementation and subsequent enforcement of these Codes of Practice are another matter.The law does not protect animals adequately and although the public can be given advice on pet ownership, it is quite another matter taking them to task over it. The judicious system as it stands gives ludicrously small sentences to those who have committed acts of animal cruelty(and also for child abuse!!)and until this changes and it is taken seriously it does not act as a deterrent.
Good news, our appeal in the newspapers has resulted in just over a thousand pounds being donated and I hope there will be more to come, I have never done as much positive thinking as I have done in the past few weeks.I am trying to push the negative thoughts out my mind,not easy but I cant succumb to it. As the self help books say -positive energy brings positivity into ones life.Heres hoping thats true.

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