Sunday, 4 October 2009

The stranded sheep.

Dion from Abergele Mountain rescue has sent me this photo taken as the stranded sheep was winched to safety on Dorothea Quarry . It was apparently quite a difficult rescue and they placed the sheep feet first in a sand bag, the type used in Builders yards.Had he not been so weak this would have been even harder but he was clearly relieved to be rescued after his 2 weeks on the ledge.
For the first time in ages we have been offered homes for feral cats. Both are in Powys and have been homechecked by Powys Animal Welfare who have none for homing at the moment so kindly passed on the home to us.6 are going to a farm and the other 3 are going to a smallholding.As well as this they have found us a foster home for our three remaining FIV cats so this leaves us a large pen ready for the next batch of kittens whcih Iam collecting tomorrow. This is as it should be, animal welfare charities helping one another.In Liverpool it seemed at one time that there was animosity between most of the rescues and this only served to make our work even more difficult.I believe now there is more of a working relationship though its between the smaller shelters, not the local branch of the main national one!! We have tried to work with the RSPCA liverp[ool but it is hard going when they admit dogs with our microchips and refuse to inform or let us have them, instead giving them back to the person who contacts them having lost the dog in the first place.tHIS CONCERNS US AS WE ARE NOT MADE AWARE OF THE FACT THAT A DOG WE HAVE REHOMED MAY BE WANDERING THE STREETS OR EVEN WORSE IS NOT CLAIMED BY AN OWNER(when we rehome ANIMALS THEY ARE MICROCHIPPED TO THE CHARITY AND WE KEEP A DATABASE OF WHO WE HAVE HOMED THEM TO_) As they have a destruction policy this isa very worrying state of affairs but meetings have failed to resolve the situation.
Anyway I am very grateful to Powys Animal Welfare for their help.
Today I have spent the afternoon helping to clear out the rubbish from our old shop premises in Caernarfon, and moving things in to the adjoining shop.Roy and his helpers have been working hard all week to get the new shop ready for opening and have done a great job as it is back breaking work and at the moment my back is playing up a bit after lifting heavy objects into the van.Nothing that cant be rectified by a good nights sleep.

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sandra said...

Hi Leslie
Just to say thank you so much for taking care of Krystal.I am Sandra Collins the previous owner.We have spoken on the phone.Kirsty and Lyn have really looked after Krystal well and i know she will be cared for with you.I would like to make a donation, where and who do i send it.

Forever grateful Sandra