Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Boris and Che ,two very lucky dogs.

Today we tried Krystal with the three old shetlands Noddy, Maggie and Connie,this time it has worked,they have accepted her with no problem at all.I want our vet to see her and check her over as her melanomas are quite advanced and I do not want her to be in pain and suffering.She certainly has a quality of life at the moment - Maybe she has a year or so left but I would definitely like a second opinion on her condition.
The day before yesterday I received a call from Jackie,an ex member of staff at the shelter about a sheep stuck on a ledge in Dorothea Quarry, he/she had been there for 2 weeks and was clearly becoming distressed and weak. This Quarry is well known for its deep waters which have claimed the lives of several divers over the past few years.Barry went out to have a look at the situation and agreed with me that there was a chance that if someone managed to climb down to save the sheep there was a good chance it would leap to its death,however it was clear we could not wait much longer to attempt a rescue. Calls to another charity had resulted in no action being taken and so I asked Barry if he would mention it to some of his mountain rescue friends. I was unsure whether they would help but last night I received a call to say that members of Abergele Mountain rescue had come to the rescue , had climbed down to save the errant sheep and apart from it being thin and weak, it was safe and well. I cant thank them enough, they really are brilliant.
Katy pup had someone come to see her today but they said she was "too aggressive"!!!
Katy is 11 weeks old and is the sweetest gentlest little pup any of us have seen.I have no idea what they expected, all pups run and jump up for a fuss and cuddle and she is no exception but no way is she aggressive, she is not even as nippy and chewy as most pups we encounter.Oh well that was most definitely NOT the right home for her.We will find someone lovely for her in time.
I had to take Felix to the vet today.Felix has lived here for a few years and is a great favourite with everybody, he comes into the house at the end of the day and spends the evening sitting on my knee but he has had some health problems lately and in this last week has lost weight and has the runs.The vet has kept him in to do more blood tests so I hope this time we will find out what is really wrong with him.We homed him once and Felix who has always been a gentle affectionate cat, attacked everyone as soon as he was let out of his box.When they returned him, he climbed out of his basket,looked around and it was as though he was saying thank goodness Im back! We decided then to keep him as a permannent resident and he is one of the cats who is completely content living this rural life as long as he has a bit of personal attention in the evening.I know exactly how he feels but I should be so lucky!!
A couple more kittens have gone to homes but there are so many being brought in, yesterday after taking Felix and Katy to the vet (forher second vaccination),I collected yet another litter of unwanted kittens, we already have the feral mum here in our enclosure who is now spayed and is up for adoption in a farm/stables home.
Mei and I went to check on the 4 foals today, they are not really foals any longer but they are looking well, there is still grass for them to eat in their temporary home but we must have them back soon to have them gelded and for the farrier to trim their feet. The biggest problem will be catching the last one to be admitted- Finn - who is in desperate need of handling having had little whilst he has been away from the shelter this summer.That will be a nightmare rounding him up.
My friend Jane who fostered the last Staffordshire bull terrier we rescued from a dog pound has taken another called Boris.This one has found its way to her heart and she tells me she is very tempted to keep him.Mind you she was nearly keeping the last one too.It would be a marvellous home for this dog which was so close to death in the pound but it may mean our only staff foster home has gone.Even though Jane assures me this will not be the case she has only a small cottage and with one big Mastiff and Rosie Lee and Boris, it may prove not as easy to take in more foster dogs. Well whatever they decide is Ok by me.
Pictured here are Boris and Che the two dogs Jane and Ali fostered.Boris reclines on a chair and Che is sprawled out in the garden of my niece Vanessa and her husband Avtar. I have mentioned before that Che is adored by them all.The girls Sandi and Kiran had never been used to a dog round the house and there was some apprehension initially if they would take to him but now they would not part with him forthe world and think he is the best dog in the world. To think both these lovely natured dogs had previously faced death in the face at the pound is unbelievable.They are two very lucky dogs.

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