Sunday, 27 September 2009

Harvey is reserved already

Harvey Moon has been reserved today so once he is neutered(hopefully this week) he will be leaving us and equilibrium will once again be restored in my living room!Yippee.I dont mean to sound as if I dont like him, I do, hes a dear little dog but he needs more one to one with someone with time to train him.Actually I dont think I have ever known a dog I failed to find something redeeming about though I struggled a bit with the ones which left me with permanent scars and I was not too fond of the Akita which had me pinned to a wall,oh and the Great Dane which thought I was a suitable mate!!
Nothing else has been homed today,it has been very quiet.Krystal still has not integrated with the oldies- no fault of hers, William is still chasing her away.I will give it a few more days and then try with another group. She is such a gentle animal she can be easily bullied and that is simply unfair.There are sometimes animals which do not seem to be liked as well as others.My William lurcher is liked by all other dogs, even those which will usually attack another.He appeals to both males and females but then at the other end of the scale we have Tasha a collie cross who seems to antagonise other canines by simply looking at them and has to be kept on her own for her own safety.
I am really pleased that we have been offered two homes for feral cats in the Powys area,one farm wants 5 or 6 and the other people want two or three.Both have passed homechecks so now we will be arranging delivery in the next week.Our ferals go very slowly and the feral enclosure is full to capacity with 25 "inmates" I long to let them all go free here but there are already too many living here, at the last count we had 32 and with the adoptable cats and kittens our food bill is enormous.It is far better for them to live elsewhere,it is just a matter of finding suitable places for them, we have to be careful that they go to places where they will continue to be fed daily and not just be turned loose to fend totally for themselves.

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