Monday, 7 September 2009

Our horse trailer arrives

Well the weekend did not materialise but I decided to have a "Blog Break" anyway,it can be hard to think of interesting things to talk about every day and I thought a break might give me some inspiration though that remains to be seen.
So whats new? Washi the returned dog which upset me so much has settled down well in his new home,he is now called kai and I have had photos of him emailed to me today,he looks happy and has found a new companion in Belle with whom he is sharing his home.
New dog Ty is improving as the week goes by though I have had no interest in him at all, whoever said looks dont matter should work with rescued dogs and they will soon see that is untrue. The pretty ones are always snapped up and the plain ones left behind. Just every now and again someone will turn up who actually prefers to take on a less than beautiful animal and they can see the beauty which others fail to recognise. Thats the kind of person we need for Ty and for Purdey(pictured here)who has been here too long already.
2 more adult cats have been homed and a few more kittens but 2 adults Boots and Sox have been admitted and another litter so the numbers remain about the same.Its a nice day today and the permanent cats are enjoying being outside in the warmth.Out of all the cats roaming free here we only have a couple of hunters amongst them but this morning I found 2 dead voles and I am almost certain I know which cat is the culprit. The two tortoishell sisters,one of which is now domestic and her sister who remains feral also have different personalities.Domestic cat likes to be comfortable on the sofa in the conservatory,feral sister likes to be out hunting and rarely enters the conservatory.I am sure she is the phantom Vole killer.Upsetting though it is to find lifeless bodies in the conservatory this is the nature of cats and I cannot be annoyed at something which is natural to her albeit repugnant to me. Im just thankful there are not more with her instincts patrolling the property.
Rosie is fostering the little Staff bull terrier called Needles,she is a sweet friendly dog who appears to love everybody she meets.I am not the biggest fan of bull breeds but have to admit this one is very loveable and I hope she will not be with us for too long.
I have just realised the photo I tried to publish last week of Gail with her dogs did not materialise so here it is again.
The farrier has been here today,nearly £200 it has cost! How can I bring more money in to the shelter? More thought has to be given to this, organising events is not my forte and what I need is a fundraising group to do this.Perhaps its time I asked the local newspaper to give us some publicity.
We have our horse trailer now and I am so excited,now we will be able to transport our own horses instead of paying other people.It is an old one but in excellent condition and being an Ifor Williams trailer it is hardy and well built. I cant believe we have been donated this, so few people give something for nothing and I am so grateful to Jane and Jonathan for being so kind.I doubt I will be able to tow with my 4x4 as I can barely drive let alone tow a horse trailer but Barbara is experienced at this and maybe one of the other girls might learn in time.

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Janice Gillett said...

I need a stock trailer at the very least here too. And a lesson in pullng one must accompany it as well !! hahaha