Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The cats enjoy a nibble of Grass

We have been growing grass in pots for the cats in the feral enclosure and before anyone reports us for sending our animals into a drug induced stupor it is plain ordinary grass we all have in our gardens! The cats showed great interest and within minutes were investigating and enjoying a nibble.I thought it would do them good as the enclosure has a concrete floor and some of the cats have been in it for almost a year now.I would love the ground to be grass but it would be impossible to clean with so many cats so this is a way of letting them have access to it whilst they are incarcerated.
Today I visited Thandi in her new home. Thandi was the neglected German Shepherd brought in by the police a few months ago after she was abandoned on the bypass.What a difference in her now, it was heartwarming to see her running round with the other dogs.Of course when she was admitted she was unable to do this because her muscles were atrophied through lack of exercise(we think she had been chained or left in a shed for a long time) I just love doing these follow ups,its a great feeling.I think she knew me though nowadays she gives kisses to everyone she meets so it was impossible to know but I like to think she did recognise me.
Whilst I was out someone was meant to bring in a stray mother cat and kittens because her dog had killed two.As it was urgent I told her to bring them in immediately,she was so concerned but guess what, she failed to turn up and is not answering her phone, why do they do this? We will all be worrying now.I will keep trying her phone.
One of the builders who already has a neutered cat has been showing interest in the kittens and his wife came today and chose two of the fluffy tabbies,also an adult cat has gone.They are moving but very slowly and there is such a long waiting list now. There are about 12 cats on the list and several litters of kittens waiting for a space here.
Calls and emails are starting to come in with requests to take in ponies.This happens every year at this time.When winter beckons people start to think of the extra work and expense so this is the time they take action to find somewhere to take their unwanted equines.Today there is a request to take in two section a ponies and yesterday a call came to help with two shetlands though in all fairness that call seemed a genuine one.The problem is that we are now full and cannot posssibly find space for another.This leaves me with a problem, what advice can I give? All the shelters I know aRE full and many of the larger ones do not take gifted horses (those owned by people)but keep their spaces for cruelty cases.We have a couple of homes we are checking out for ponies for but there is only so much that can be done and so few homes available. Its hard to face up to the fact that it is not possible to help every animal which we hear about and believe me it is not something I will ever get used to. I prefer to try every option I can think of before facing up to this fact. If only there was less indiscriminate breeding of ponies, this summer almost every field in this area has contained mares with foals at foot.It seems that owning a mare means that she MUST be put in foal.WHY,WHY, WHY????I would like to send these people to the horse sales to see for themselves where so many end up.Oops Im off on another rant so I had best put an end to it before I lose my blog readers.Apologies everyone.

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