Monday, 21 September 2009

Tara is showing her age.

Little Katy is quickly becoming the pet of everyone here, she really is such a dear little pup, she is very quiet,in fact I havent heard her bark or yap at all yet.her skin problem has been confirmed as demodectic mange(as I suspected) but thankfully not sarcoptic which is terribly contagious to humans as well as dogs.I think she is already on the way to recovery but will need a few more baths before it starts to clear properly.People who see her seem to think she is part whippet and she definitely has some collie in her so it will be interesting to see her in a few months time(hope she has a home by then)
The jack Russell living under a caravan in Porthmadog has been caught and taken home by her rescuer who wants to give her a permanent home so that dogs future now looks assured.Its great when things work out so well and nice also to know there are such kind people about.It makes a very welcome change to hear such positive news.
The mum cat and her babies are causing some concern as Dorothy tells me that she is turning on her offspring.This could be due to the trauma of being moved when her babies are so young,this is always a worry and happens a lot but leaving her in a home where the family dog had already killed two of the litter was an absolute no no and left us with no choice but to move her to a place of safety.I have given her advice and we can only hope now that the babies will continue to do well without the nurturing of mum.
We have taken in a 9 years old cat whose owner had died,the daughter turned up here and announced that if we refused to take the cat, she would abandon it somewhere!!!Although we are full and have cats on our urgent waiting list,we could not turn this woman away with the cat.We simply could not take a chance of her bluffing,so many people do exactly as they promise and no doubt she would only have left the cat at the bottom of our track anyway.Poor cat to be treated in such a cavalier way and what on earth would her owner have said had she known what her daughter had in mind? When my own mother died my sister and I were frantic trying to find the right place for her terrier Rosie.We knew how much Rosie meant to her- I was unable to have her because Rosie hated other dogs and I as always had several.My sister had a cat which hated dogs but eventually we found the right place for her with a Freshfields supporter.Never in a million years would I have considered abandoning her and I cant understand how anyone could threaten this,do they have no respect for their deceased relatives? As the old saying goes "theres nowt so queer as folks" How very true.
I am upset today - Old Tara the collie(pictured here a few months ago) who lives in the office seems to be deteriorating.She has been on heart tablets for a year and has done very well,in fact had a new lease of life but her cough is coming back and her back legs are becoming weaker.She is having to be lifted up to go outside and I fear her days are numbered.Tara is part of the furniture here and dearly loved by all the staff so this is not good news.
On that note I will sign off,I am off to feed the pigs some tomatoes which they adore though as I look over to their paddock they are nowhere to be seen. The wind is getting stronger and it looks like it is about to rain.Probably they know this, animals seem to be able to predict weather changes far better than we humans.Perhaps Ill leave the tomatoes for tomorrow mornings piggy breakfast treat.
PS: forgot to mention (how could I forget this? )that the two FIV kittens were given a home yesterday and I have just received an email telling me they have settled in really well already. I am thrilled to see two of them go,just the three adults to place now. Placing FIV cats is a difficult task and when we are successful it gives us all a lift. A positive end to todays blog.

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