Friday, 11 September 2009

Lots of new Arrivals

I have had more trouble with computer or rather the electrics in the office so Roy from the shop has been up to help put me back online again.There have been a few animal abandonments lately.Vanessa was disturbed the other night by her dog barking and when she went to the door there was a box on her doorstep with a mother cat and her kitten inside! This can be a problem when people get to know that someone works at an animal shelter -its even easier for them to dump their unwanted pets there than perhaps having to answer any uncomfortable questions.Then I went out to collect 2 pups whose owner had abandoned them,fortunately a neighbour had taken them in to his garden so they were safe until I arrived. I have a home for them already , this adorable pair (pictured here) will be going together.After I posted their photo on the website I was deluged with calls for them and to be honest more than a couple sounded excellent but I think I have made the right choice. Then I went over to Anglesey to collect some cats and kittens whose owner was terminally ill.Pictured here are Tippy and her week old babies, Tishy(Tippys sister) and her 2 kittens which are about 12 weeks of age and another litter of 4 which were abandoned and brought in by someone who discovered them today in a box on a local estate.
Another rabbit has arrived, Hugo is a black male bunny abandoned locally,another one to have his bits off as soon as posssible! If everyone neutered their rabbits, the males would not have to live a solitary existence, they can then be paired with a female or sometimes as mentioned before another male.Whatever takes their fancy!
Its been lovely weather today, the sun has been out and both humans and animals seem more cheerful.There are builders here at the moment making some alterations to the passageway outside the kitten room,making it more weatherproof ready for the winter.Well actually we need it now, the rain has been torrential here.Anyway by mid afternoon it was really warm and the builders had taken off their tops (as they do) soI thought it was time I had a little sun and vitamin C on my skin so rolled up my trousers,settled myself in a good position for the sun and guess what- the sun went in and clouds filled the sky.TYPICAL!
Im not sure if I mentioned some months ago that I was temporarily caring for a 12 years old collie called Ben whose owner had lost his home.Well six months later I still have him and not a word from the owner.Theres gratitude for you.Anyhow I have become very fond of Ben, he lives with Molly and Meg in the house and I have come to the conclusion he will be here for life.Lately he has seemed not so strong on his back legs so he has been to the vet for a check up and he has arthritis in his spine.Poor old man will now be on pain killers daily to alleviate the pain and Im sure this will improve his quality of life. He is a good dog and very affable with the others, his only problem is that he has a tendency to run in the garden and have a good bark over the fence which of course worries me so I am constantly calling him indoors. I keep expecting my delightful neighbour to make a complaint to the council.In fact I am sure he has already done so,it would be out of character for him to ignore it!
Mion and Trish from our Portmadog shop have been up to collect Tippy and her new babies,Mion will be adding them to her little family of foster babies and they will come back to us when they are weaned and ready to set out on their own without Mum. Foster homes are wonderful because they free up a pen which would otherwise be occupied by mum and babies for up to two months.They really are invaluable to an animal shelter like ours with limited space and facilities.
Now this weekend I AM going away for a few days so next blog will be Monday.I hope nothing untoward occurs whilst I am away though if all is completely without problems and crisis and I receive no calls requesting my advice/help I am always a little put out because it proves I am not TOTALLY indispensable! UNTHINKEABLE!

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