Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Krystal will soon be joining our family in Wales.

The break is over and I am back refreshed and raring to go!! The weather is so good we have put off bringing our horses back until next week, another week for our own fields to rest will not do any harm at all. I had a lovely email and photos from Gels new owners and they are delighted with him.He has started his vaccinations ready to become a jet setter so he will be ready to visit his second home abroad next year. Lucky dog.I am seriously thinking of putting myself up for adoption!
I have been contacted to help with 13 unwanted ferrets so if any blog readers can offer help or have any contacts pleaselet me know,I know that Liverpool Freshfields is full so no point trying there at the moment and we already have a ferret in situ which is taking up the only suitable residence.
We have just had a visit from the new Donkey Sanctuary Inspector for this area, Heulwyn and her regional manager Molly had been on a callout to check the condition of one nearby and came to introduce themselves.There are not many donkeys round here though last week I received a call about a neglected one in Anglesey which later turned out to be a false alarm.So often calls like that ARE false alarms but of course we never know, so every call needs to be followed up and now I have a contact to whom I can pass on such calls which is very useful.
I have always loved Donkeys and my first sight of a really neglected donkey came when I was on a seal saving mission with the conservation organisation "Sea Shepherd".In the seventies A group of us travelled to Ireland where fishermen had in previous years killed baby seals in the belief they were threatening their livelihood.We camped out on a remote island called Inishglora in County Mayo and watched over the seal pups during the breeding season.It was quiet an awesome experience but no pups were killed that year.However, I was very disturbed to find a donkey on this remote island, he had swollen knees and could hardly walk.He had been alone on the island for 18 years! Can you imagine that? He had been abandoned there by his owner when he no longer wanted him.There was a local superstition that ill luck would come to those who harmed a donkey so this was deemed a better way of dealing with them.many such animals faced the same or worse fate. Unwilling to leave this poor animal once I had seen him,I contacted the Donkey sanctuary and to cut a very long story short he eventually was taken there and spent the rest of his life in luxury and even found a donkey friend with whom he became inseperable.He was named ISlander and featured in much of their earlier publicity and reading material..I will never forget my first sight of him in that lonely plase and donkeys have always since then held a very special place in my heart.
Back to Horses - We have an old grey pony called Krystal (pictured here)in Liverpool which is cared for by two members of the Liverpool staff.Krystal is stabled just a mile away from the shelter but her main carer Kirsty is studying to be a vet and this year she will be away from the shelter quite a lot so it has been decided to bring the pony to Wales where we can continue her care.It is hoped she will join the Anglesey ponies and fit into their little group.The only foreseeable problem could be in the spring when she comes into season,mares can cause high jinks in their fields if surrounded by eager (though impotent suitors)Anyway she has to come here, she is our responsibility so it is likely this will happen in the next couple of weeks.
The two cross labrador pups have gone off to their home but not before all the staff had fallen in love with them.Henry and William had the nicest temperaments of any pups I have seen.Even when they met horses for the first time there was no aggression, no barking, just waggy tails and curiosity.Lovely little dogs.If only all dogs were of the same disposition.There have been some hairy moments with Purdey the cross dalmation/collie who most definitely does not like cats and has to be kept on a lead now at all times.She can only have a free run when out of sight of other animals which is very restrictive in a place like this.It is such a shame because in other ways she is a perfect animal, great on the lead, loves children,house trained and friendly with everyone she meets.There will be the right person for her,I just wish he/she/they would turn up soon!
Now Ben is on tablets for his arthritic pain,he seems happier in himslelf and even jumped up at me to make a fuss which is the first time ever.Clearly they are doing him the world of good already.

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