Saturday, 26 September 2009

Connie is fine and Krystal arrives.

Good news this morning,Connie is fine and back to normal, the vet came out and gave her an injection. What a great relief. We think someone has given the ponies apples and with Connie having problems masticating her food she has swallowed a piece whole which had caused an obstruction.We will be putting up notices to ask people not to feed the ponies.As we are way off the beaten track this has never been a problem before but from hereon there will be signs everywhere.
Our pony Krystal has arrived from Liverpool, she has been looked after by Kirsty and Lynn at stables near our Liverpool shelter but it was felt she would be better spending the rest of her days here. Krystal is 21 and has been in our care for a year but she has melanomas above her back passage which need cleaning daily and the girls have managed wonderfully.However this year both girls will be away a great deal which has necessitated the move this weekend. We have put her in with the oldies group and apart from naughty William(in the purple coat) she has been accepted very well.Titch the last of the Prestatyn ponies is very interested and has spent the past hour following around.If William does not behave we will try Krystal with the Anglesey ponies but this would be the best group for her to join as they all need a daily feed with supplements and when some do and some dont it is hard to organise mealtimes.
New dog Harvey Moon was quite a handful last night.He is a lovely happy dog and excellent with other animals but he became obsessed with William and would not leave him alone, he wanted to play and William was not amused, in the end William and I took off to bed for a bit of peace! A 13 years old lurcher is not the ideal playmate for a lively little terrier(nor for me come to that!)there have already been a few enquiries for him so It does not look as though I will have him too long.He is a sweet natured dog but too hyper for me and my aging canine friends.
I wanted to order the rubber matting for our horse trailer butlack of funds means I will have to wait a bit longer.The trailer just needs floor and wall matting for the safety of the horses travelling within and on the ramp.As the ramp is now, the uncovered metal will make a very loud noise when a horse steps on to it, enough to frighten most equines,many of which dislike being boxed anyway.As soon as this is done we can start to bring back our ponies from the properties where they have been grazing all summer.Next week we will have to pay someone to bring those in Caernarfon back to the shelter as the grass there has completely depleted but hopefully we will have the trailer ready to return the others over the next couple of weeks.We took some hay to them today and will have to take a bale every day until their return.|I had hoped to have them back before now but the change in the weather meant it was more sensible to leave them where they are for the time being.I just dont want them without stabling (and food)in bad weather.
I heard from the lady who took Roxie , she tells me that it seems as though the cat has lived with her forever and they spent the evening together on the sofa with Roxie purring away madly.What great news.I could not be happier to hear that.
Well Krystal is about to have her bottom cleaned and although I am squeamish about looking at anything unpleasant I am going to force myself to step up to the mark so that I know exactly what has to be done should all the staff be taken ill(heaven forbid) and I am the only one around to administer to her.
When people say to me that they would love to work with animals not many think about the unpleasant jobs we all have to do.The constant cleaning up of excrement is hardly the most glamorous job in the world though I have to say that working with rescued animals has to be more ulfilling that working in a boarding kennels/cattery or a breeding establishment.At least in rescue work there is the reward of seeing our animals happy in a new caring environment and there is nothing to top this especially when it concerns a particularly neglected or abused animal.So if a bit of bottom cleaning is needed then its a small price to pay for the rewards reaped by the privilege of helping such animals .

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