Saturday, 19 September 2009

The cat and kittens are safe and a puppy arrives

At last.the cat and kittens I was concerned about are safely at the shelter.I failed to get a reply from any of my phone calls so Roy(caernarfon shop manager who is always ready to help in a crisis)) went this morning to collect them and thankfully the remaining two kittens are still alive.They are all bonny including Mum who is a pretty tabby/tortie and white and they will be fostered by our new fosterer Dorothy who just happens to be volunteering here today along with her daughter Mel. She would like a pony but mum Dorothy is bringing her daughter to the shelter so she can find out for herself just how much work is involved caring for a pony.Thats the way to do it,youngsters need to know it is not all about riding and pony club but is hard work and has to be done no matter how bad the weather.
Regarding our charity shop in Caernarfon,we hope to be leaving our old premises which are in a terrible condition and moving to a much nicer shop next door so the move is already starting to take place though it will be a few weeks,maybe longer before we open officially.Our shops are the only regular income we have though I am tring to build up the standing orders, the more we have of those the higher our monthly income. We have been in Wales 6 years now and are gradually becoming better known but we still need more fundraisers to keep our profile high with fundraising events and bringing in more funds.Organising such things is definitely out of my comfort zone,I would not know where to start. It takes a long time for an organisation/charity to establish itself in a new area,from memory it took over 10 years in Liverpool before we began attracting much support for that shelter.Only 4 Years to go then!
People turned up today with a puppy they found whilst out"ferreting".I dont know how I managed to stay quiet when I really wanted to tell them what i thought of bloodsports, but I did manage to refrain from suitable caustic comments though with great difficulty.The pup is a little female about 9 weeks of age (pictured here) and she has a skin problem which they have had treated by a vet(so there is some good in them)They assured me it isnt mange but I will phone the vet Monday to get more details.She seems a little nervous at the moment but that could be just fear of being somewhere new.We have decided to call her Katy .It is entirely possible that she was abandoned because of her skin but when that improves she will be a lovely little dog. Its hard to see what she is at the moment, maybe part collie but she seems small for a collie pup.Time will tell.
Another stray/abandoned dog has turned up at a caravan park but is living underneath a caravan and so far has not been coaxed out.Its a jack russell and Rosie has promised to foster if they have success catching him/her.In liverpool we had a grasper pole which would have been ideal for this situation but because we are not as involved with dogs here I have never purchased one.First thing Monday I will place an order for one.We have a dog trap but it is too big for my current vehicle to transport so a smaller one is needed though we will have to wait for our finances to improve before I can purchase this.At the moment it is necessities only.
Its so far been an incredibly quiet weekend for homing animals.We had one visitor today looking at the cats but she could not find one she liked.Very disappointing.

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