Friday, 18 September 2009

Our pet sheep are investigated!

A bit of good news,I had an email from the lady with the shetlands,she has found a good home for them.That is a load off my mind.The other bit of good news is that someone has been to see the FIV cats and is returning Saturday with her partner but is adamant she will be taking one of them.Susan lives in a flat which is ideal for an FIV positive cat. There are still 4 more from this feline family but its a start and one less means more room in the pen for the remaining 4.The 2 kittens were old enough to be tested yesterday and unfortunately they too have tested positive for the virus.What a shame.
We have had a visit from the Trading Standards today about our pet sheep!! Ijust knew our horrid neighbour was going to make waves about something,he has been watching the staff walk the dogs recently and when I say watch I mean not just glancing over but standing and staring.They just wanted to know if they were registered but what is behind it? My thoughts are that the sheep annoy him with their bleating in the morning as they are waiting to be fed.It IS loud but for heavens sake he has moved to live in sheep country, what on earth does he expect?.This is the only way he can try to do something because if he complained to the council about bleating sheep he would be laughed out of their offices. I would hate to live his life,a professional complainer so embittered and discontented that his spare time is spent watching his neighbours (not just me) and searching for yet another reason to contact the Council etc. What a waste of a life.
On to more pleasant things,it was my day off yesterday so I joined a friend to climb up Mount Snowdon and at the summit saw a bird I did not recognise.On returning home I looked it up in my bird book and found it was a red legged partridge.They are not indiginous to the Uk, rather they were imported from France a long time ago.If I can upload the photo from my mobile I will post it on another blog.It was an attractive little creature and almost tame, we were able to get quite close to it for a photo opportunity.Whilst on the topic of birds, there was a fantastic documentary on television wednesday night .Land of the Volcano featured amazing wildlife including the most stunning birds of paradise.What an experience to see them so close,must remember to watch it again next week.
I still have been unable to contact the woman with the cat and kittens, she is not answering her messages.I will have to resign myself to the fact that theres nothing more I can do. A tiny kitten has been found today in Porthmadog,Mion is going to collect and foster. It may be that her mum cat will adopt this little orphan and if she does that would be the best result of all.Its so hard to raise a tiny kitten and they really do need the comfort of a mother cat and of course the antibodies from her milk.Fingers crossed.
Mion has just rung,the kitten has sniffles so she cannot take the chance of trying her with the resident mum and babies.It is a tortoishell and white female - nearly always female though I read recently that someone had one which turned out to be a male,the odds of which are incredible.
Well it is 5pm and dogwalking time, the last one before the final 7pm exercise so time to go.The hounds are waiting!

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