Thursday, 31 March 2011

Penny another unclaimed stray.

A new little dog pounder arrived yesterday, now named Penny, this lovely sweet natured Jack Russell (yes another one) was unclaimed after the weeks stay in kennels.  Luckily these terriers  are being adopted fairly quickly after they are admitted.  Last year we only had a few, already we have admitted and rehomed 9 this year and for a shelter which is mainly cats and horses, that is pretty good going.  This weekend we have a lady travelling from Devon for Ty the staff bull terrier cross youngster and another lady from Crewe coming to see Ellie the terrier shown on the flickr video (playing with Nell collie).  Hopefully it will be a good weekend ahead for adoptions and if some cats go too I will be more than happy.

Mei had a gruelling day yesterday, she had the op on her wrist at Llandudno  hospital but they discovered there  was too much work to do there and then so she is scheduled to go back in another two weeks. At least now she knows what the problem is - ligament damage and she has been assured that the next operation will do the trick. I dont think she can quite believe that when it is over she will be free from pain for the first time in two years. As she said to me she was starting to think it was all in her head, she had been to so many Dr and hospital appointments and been told that nothing could be found.  For the time being she is still in a lot of pain and is sporting a very fancy sling (far superior to the last homemade one I did for her which she said nearly cut off her blood supply!)

As mentioned before there is a long waiting list for places for cats but yesterday someone turned up with two (unneutered) cats belonging to a grandmother who had died, so this puts us in a very awkward position, do we turn them away and take cats whose owners have been waiting a month or take these?  It was decided reluctantly to admit the cats as we were worried about their welfare if we refused.  I am not saying that these people would have done anything unkind but in the past there have been occasions we had to say no to people bringing in their unwanted pets (because of lack of space) and then later the same day the animals would be found abandoned nearby!  The issue here is that those who have elected to be patient and wait for spaces are pipped at the most by those who do not thoughtfully telephone beforehand and that seems very unfair.

Now on to something which has distressed me enormously for many years and that is the plight of the ancient elephant called Anne who is still languishing and being abused in Bobby Roberts Circus.  In spite of  desperately sad video footage and photographs of this poor soul being mistreated badly, it appears that nothing can be done!!   I want to know why no action can be taken when there is clear proof of her abuse.  If I was to do something similar to one of my animals, rest assured I would be up in court immediately, and quite rightfully so.  I am begging everyone who reads this blog to write to the RSPCA and beg them to take action.  The perpetrator of the cruelty has now gone to ground, but as the owners surely Roberts has to take responsibilty.  Is the law so feeble that due to a technicality this elephant has to continue its life in the hands of those who imprison her?  Clearly this is so.  Please take a few minutes to write to your MP asking for his/her  vote to end animals being used in circuses and stop this kind of abuse for once and for all.  Let our Voices be heard for Anne and all like her. If you want to help then please do the following:

read the link on Anne's plight:  Daily Mail On Anne

Write to your MP (You can find out your MP's address here by entering your postcode  using the sample letter or one of your own but please ensure you are polite.  Sample letter below:

I ask that you please sign EDM 403 for an end to the use of animals in circuses:
That this House notes that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs public consultation on the use of wild animals in travelling circuses shows that 94.5 per cent. of respondents support a ban as the best option to protect the welfare of circus animals; further notes that the new Government has been unclear on whether it will take action; believes that treating wild animals as circus tricks has no place in civilised society; underlines that violence against animals continues to occur routinely in circuses as revealed in an investigation into the Great British Circus in 2009; recognises that the only thing stopping this ban from coming into place is a decision by Ministers; and urges the Government to use its powers under section 12 of the Animal Welfare Act to make a regulation banning the use of all wild animals in circuses
As the press have exposed yet another example of cruelty and abuse towards an animal, this time an elephant, in a UK circus company (Bobby Roberts)  I hope you will agree that this type of alleged entertainment has no place in modern society.
Yours sincerely


von said...

I've sent a letter to my MP as requested; your link made it really easy to do online. Thanks Leslie. And I agree with you. I don't understand why the abused elephant hasn't been confiscated - surely to allow persistent abuse is a case of negligence by the owners? Don't they have a responsibilty to safeguard the animal, and monitor its well-being? I thought I'd read that they had bowed to pressure and agreed to allow her to retire in a zoo / safari park, where at least she can have the comfort of her own kind. Does anyone know whether this is true?

carol said...

I was near to tear's reading the plight of annie the elephant, it's not a story i've read about, but then i do skip anything to do with cruelty to animal's as i get so upset and nothing ever really get's done to the abuser's. Today we had to go to cheshire and driving through knutsford there is Bobby Robert's circus, i'am hoping that evryone that read the article will boycot the place. carol

carol said...

I read the story of Annie the elephant with tear's in my eye's, i'd never heard of this case before but then anything to do with animal cruelty i tend to skip as i get so upset, and the abuser's never seem to be held accountable.
We had to go to cheshire today and driving through Knutsford there was a circus, and i could not believe my eye's as it was Bobby Roberts, i just hope evrybody has read of this horror story and boycot's the place and continues to be boycoted until he take's notice of people's outrage and releases her into a safe and caring enviroment. carol

kim said...

Penny is a beautiful little dog.I met her today and she is so sweet.I hope she finds a forever home soon